Origami Twisty Rose

Origami Twisty Rose

Hello and Welcome to our Origami Twisty Rose video. So we’ll start with the Bird Base if you don’t know what that is don’t worry, check out our video on the Bird Base First fold the right flap over to the left as we’re showing here Then you want to fold the lower point just of the top flap only, fold that
straight up Make a nice sharp crease. Now flip the piece over and repeat the last two steps so again the top flap fold left to right sorry, right to left And now that bottom point, fold straight up and make a nice sharp crease. Now unfold and here’s where it starts to get interesting… see this line going east-west here? We’re going to fold that onto this north-south line so take that right corner and fold it over like this, so those two lines
lineup. Crease well. We’re going to do that three more times. Rotate the piece ninety degrees and fold the top down like that. Now take that right corner and fold it over so it’s on that north-south line. Rotate ninety degrees fold the top down then the right corner goes over to the centerline and again 90 degrees and one more time. So the top comes down It’s a little tricky at this point so work slowly. That right corner needs to come over So now the hard part is done but it doesn’t look like a rose yet. So now we will turn the paper over and each of those four points we’re going to
fold to the center So fold and crease. Now turn the paper back over Put it in one of your hands. If you’re right-handed, use your left hand. You see how there are four (4) pockets at the top there? Grab a hold of those with your fingers and turn the top part clockwise The base of the rose will remain stationary while you turn the the top part twisting clockwise. So you can see it’s twisted there. We’re going to twist some more. If you want a really tight twist, you can use a pair of tweezers. That’s pretty good for now. But it doesn’t look like much like a
rose yet because the corners are very sharp. So we curl the tips of each petal and this bamboo skewer is good for that.
Just grip the base of the petal and curl the tip over the skewer, just like we’re showing here. You could use other things like a knitting needle maybe. So we’re just going to go around the entire rose, and everywhere we see a sharp corner we’re going to do a curl over like this and while you’re doing this, don’t worry if the twist that you made earlier starts
to get undone you can always go back at the end and do some more twisting So everywhere you see a corner, curl it over. Just keep going all the way around and eventually you’ll have a nice Twisty Rose.

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  1. I saw your tutorial earlier this year, and gave my mom a bouquet of (paper) flowers for Mother's Day. THANKS!!! BD

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