70 thoughts on “Origami Tutorial: Hydrangea (Shuzo Fujimoto)

  1. I really enjoyed this model, sepecially because you can add more layers as you go instead of deciding how many you want beforehand. Thank you for a(nother) very clear tutorial :):)

  2. where did you get the book from because I looked on amazon and I cant find it and I also looked on origami-shop.com and I couldn't find it

  3. Beautiful — and another excellent tutorial!
    What kind of paper do you use for this? I had some problems with my paper tearing and wearing at the points as I worked through it.

  4. I did it !
    I am still in my first month of folding so it lacks some symmetry but just tiny bits !
    But I did it, … and all thanks to this wonderful tutorial, …
    I loved the swollen paper parts (cubes and pyramids). Magic!
    So thank you Sara for the great tutorial and the great tips !

  5. thank you for posting it ! as you say : it's a better video : clearer and more precise. Thank you very much for your demonstrations !

  6. Thanks for the tutorial! Had great fun making it, I liked the sink folds and the pyramid bits the best 🙂

  7. Could you do a tutorial on high-density hydrangea folding? I can't seem to find instructions anywhere.

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Hello Sara,
    Last summer, in 2014, I started to experiment tesselations. I founded your video of Hydrangea you made in 2007. I never succeded to go to the end of the process. With this new tutorial, it's a complete and more easily version, and I succeded at the first time I try !

    So, I would like to add that your tips about pulling the pyramid (I dislike the pushing behind method) and the use of the toothpick and the tweezer are great ideas !

    I would like to thank you for all the energy you put in crafting such wonderful video. It's a great pleasure to follow them.

  9. ¡Excelente tutorial! El video me ha ayudado satisfactoriamente a plegar este bonito adorno. Tus explicaciones hacen que sea fácil lo que en un principio me parecia complejo. También es un acierto determinante, para mí al menos, el poner los subtítulos en castellano. Gracias por todo ello.

  10. Splendid demonstration ! I LIKE VERY VERY MUCH YOUR WAY TO EXPLAIN DEAR SARA… !Now , I am encouraged to try to fold the Hydrangea box ! It's so beautifull!
    Many thanks
    Claudine from Geneva

  11. thankyou so much for your clear, concise and supremely helpful videos sarah!! I feel like you have been there since the beginning of my origami journey and continue to be an enourmous help!
    keep making these brilliant videos, you deserve every success!!! 🙂

  12. Great video! (as usual)
    I appreciate that you mention creators' names and even get permission from them before posting a video about their models.
    The tips and information you share with us (about paper in general or when you recommend books) are a big help to me.
    Your channel is one of the most interesting and useful about origami.
    For all this, thank you.

  13. hi Sara, this is not tje first time i saw this video. today my husband also want to learn how to fold hydrangea. so we decided to buy the book. may i know the ISBN number of the book?

  14. #myfirst
    probably this is not my very first video that I watched, but it was the first origami that I made from one of yours videos.

  15. This was #myfirst video I saw of yours, and for my first fold, I managed six levels on regular kami.

  16. #cantstop folding the hydrangea. I have folded this piece more than anything else. I have been able to realize almost all of the models in this book. Brilliant art it is and such a joy to recreate. 😀

  17. #myfirst I love this! Always looks beautiful and people are always surprised that you can do this with a square sheet of paper!

  18. #cantstop
    It's a beautiful model and not hard to fold. That's why I made so many of them and I still can't stop folding them.

  19. good morning Sara, would you tell me, please, what kind of paper you are using for your demonstrations? Thank you, Silvia

  20. I gotta say, THANKS A LOT. I´ve been trying like for 3 hours by now and i finally make it. Im studying graphic design and the homework consisted on trying origami technique. I never tried it before. I liked it a lot and your video was SUPER useful. You just saved my homework hahahaha. Cheers from Argentina.

  21. Today I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel about " My Hydrangea origami collection".

    If you have time, please check out my little Hydrangea origami collection video. It's not a great collection but I'm trying to make it better. I learned hydrangea origami from you. 😀 🤗 Thanks for your precious time. 😊

  22. Totally Ripped making the top of the 3rd layer, dang! – I do not recommend making the initial creases to sharp as I believe this is why mine ripped! Will Try again another evening!

  23. Thank you so much for the knowledge! Beginners considering experimenting with foil paper don't try this standard 5×5's, they fray easier. :/ at least they did for me.

  24. Since this is my 2nd try in tesselations and I have no origami paper to try this, I folded only 3 layers. It is very very difficult with no origami paper. I used a sheet of kids drawing paper from a pad I had. One corner ripped while I was pushing up the pyramid to invert it. Luckily it doesn't show! My advice to beginners: use origami paper and the bigger the better for stress-free folding! Thank you so very much for the tutorial and the tips, they really helped me understand the model's structure! 🤗👏🏻🙏🏻💖✨

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