Origami Tulip

Origami Tulip

Fold in half horizontally and unfold Fold in half vertically and unfold Turn over Fold and unfold along the diagonal Fold and unfold along the other diagonal Make a waterbomb base Fold the corners up Repeat behind Fold a layer to the left on front
and to the right behind Fold the corner a little bit past the center Repeat on the left Tuck one flap into the other Repeat behind Blow into the base to inflate Peel each petal down carefully Complete! Now let’s make the stem Fold and unfold in half along the diagonal Fold the top edges to the center Fold the bottom edges to the center Again, fold the edges to the center Turn over Fold the bottom up to the top corner Fold in half Outside reverse fold the leaf Insert the stem into the base of the flower Tulip finished!

100 thoughts on “Origami Tulip

  1. Thank you so much I tried every ones how to make a tulip I ripped it a little but I got very cool results thank you very much

  2. I just want to point out in the beginning of the video it says color side up for the flower part, but for those of us with one-sided colored paper this resulted in a white tulip -_- not very happy I have to start again. Otherwise, great video and I love your tutorials.
    Edit: Nvm, I saw the second time thru where it flashes to flip the paper over again in the corner. Missed it the first time. Derp. My apologies 😛

  3. Dica: quando forem assoprar deixem o lábio bem seco,(quando eu fui assoprar o fundo rasgou um pouco e depois abriu um buraco por causa da saliva 🙁).

  4. This video sucks you could have at least silenced the audio so we wouldn’t have to hear the annoying crinkling sounds 🙄

  5. It’s 2018 I’m in my third year of college lmao I cried cause of this shit it took me three times 😭😭 I’m 20 & was crying 😂😂

  6. i made multiplies of this cuz then i would give it to my teacher as a Christmas present then i took a box and taped them down then added a backround, i bet she will <3 it ( i was too lazy to type love)

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  8. It says coloured side up at the beginning of the video, but when I did it that way my tulip was white. I think he meant coloured side down. Don't do it the way I did or your tulip will be white!

  9. a whole step was skipped. how do you pop it out to make it 3D? this is very had to continue if steps are skipped

  10. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial! I'm making a bouquet of these for my Mom for Mother's day.

  11. I'm having a terrible time getting the tulip to open up. I keep ripping the paper. Any suggestions?

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