Origami Tree – Cây (Hoang Tien Quyet)

Origami Tree – Cây (Hoang Tien Quyet)

I’m dampening the paper. You can skip this if you dry-fold it. Keep the bottle far from the paper, so water comes out more smoothly. Do that on both sides. I’m just finding the direction of the fiber! Now, fold in half. Open. Fold in half diagonally, just to the centre line. Repeat on the other side. Pleat fold. Valley-fold, then turn over and open. Valley-fold. Turn over. Valley-fold and squash. Fold the corner inside. Finished.

7 thoughts on “Origami Tree – Cây (Hoang Tien Quyet)

  1. I have some lovely elephant hide that'll look great for that…

    When you find the fibers was it so you could fold with them? Does that make the crease hold better? I've never heard of it before!

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