Origami Totoro (Robin Glynn)

Origami Totoro (Robin Glynn)

17.5cm x 17.5cm Fold and unfold along the diagonal Bring the corner down and make a pinch mark Fold the corners to the center Bring the corner to the crease and make a pinch mark Repeat on the left side Bring the corner to the pinch mark on the other side and make another pinch Repeat on the left side Fold to the indicated pinch marks Fold the top edge down Bring the corner up and squash-fold Unfold Reform on existing creases Line up the edges Repeat on the left side Fold the top down Fold up Valley-fold the corners Pleat on the existing creases Bring raw edges to the front Valley-fold the corner Open and squash-fold Fold the corners behind Repeat on the right side Fold the corners behind Fold the corners behind Fold the bottom up Mountain-fold the corner Valley-fold Crease along the angle bisector Crease along the angle bisector Fold like a rabbit ear fold but leave a horizontal edge on the bottom Repeat on the right side Fold the corners behind Fold the corners behind Valley-fold Valley-fold Fold the top behind Make a pleat Shape the bottom Totoro finished!

100 thoughts on “Origami Totoro (Robin Glynn)

  1. oh my god you make orgami vids on everything!! you are the best!!!!!!! You always make it so easy to learn. In the past 2 days i learned how to make 3 different things by heart from your videos. These are great mothers day gifts too!!

  2. Totoro was an awful movie (for adults, anyway) but I'm a major fan of Mononoke & Spirited, they're my 2 favourite movies~


  3. Ah, I see you've slowed down a bit for all those rude ingrates__I say you shoulda went Vampire Savior & Turbo 3'd~

    Or Mahvel 2 Turbo 2, that shit was inhuman~

  4. vejam esse video de origami /watch?v=9XEZw8pqZBM&feature=relmfu
    e vejam os outros que tem no meu canal

  5. Guys excuse plese my englich I am note using translate google. Subscripe to my new chennnal. Jonak Ashima is I. My new chennnal is for public reqests of origami. And other stuff for the homeless and needy. I have donated lots of oregano houses to homeless. I live in brazin . Homes are houses for those that have no know

  6. Uskomatonta, että näitäkin joku aina jaksaa keksiä!!. It´s unbelievable, that somebody always bothers to come up with these. I wonder how many trials and errors it takes to make one up !?. Pretty cool Totoro anyway, i love that sound of paper too 🙂

  7. I'm only somewhat familiar with ASMR, though I don't have it. Is it possible to intentionally make something provoke ASMR? That would be cool. 😛

  8. I like how you aren't one of those youtubers who make really simple models that only look good with designed paper.

  9. WOW 대단해요♥♥♥👍👍
    예전에 보고 접다
    까먹어서 다시 찾는데 찾기 힘들었는데요 다시 찾았네요
    GOOD VIDEO안녕하세요♡♡
    AWESOME♥♥🍀👍 THANKS♥♥♥♥♥👍

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