40 thoughts on “Origami Tessellation Tutorial: Hydrangea Tiles (Shuzo Fujimoto and Peter Budai)

  1. Loved this video, Sara. I think it helps immensely to have you talking us thru. And what a detailed explanation at the beginning! That was a real treasure-trove of information to better understand the workings of the different densities. Can't wait to go at all three of these. Now that you have put out this video, I don't feel so intimidated! Thank you so much.                                                                                                     one happy folder—Brent

  2. Oh danke, Sara!!! Ich kann mich nur den Vor-Kommentatoren anschließen: ein absolut phantastisches Video, welches alle meiner Fragen zu Design, Aufbau und Proportionen/Relationen anschaulich im ersten Teil beantwortet und im zweiten Teil – gespickt mit Tricks und Tipps – zu einem wunderschönen Ergebnis geführt hat (vor lautet Vorfreude hatte ich in dieser Woche schon mein Papier zugeschnitten und grid-mässig vorgefaltet)!!! Sara, Du machst Deine Follower mal wieder sehr glücklich!!! LG Gabriela

  3. It's beautiful!
    I wonder what was the highest number of layers you ever folded in a single hydrangea?

    Es ist wunderschön!
    Ich frage mich, was war die höchste Anzahl an Lagen, die du je in einer einzelnen Hydrangea gefaltet hast?

  4. Thank you Sara, your videos always make my day. They're so well explained, and your voice is very soothing. I hope your channel keeps growing and you get the time to post more and more videos!

  5. Wonderful, great tutorial, explanations and beautiful with 1,2,3 and 4 layers … As always, you made us happy folders. Thanks +++

  6. Oh wow, that’s a really beautiful model! Great tutorial, Sara! Thanks for teaching us! 🙂

  7. Thank you very much. I had tried doing the low density tiling with just the pdf as a guide after happily folding many hydrangeas but couldn't collapse it. I'm confident that now I'll be able to 🙂

  8. thanks Sara, as allways nice and beatifull video, i love hydrangea and yours tutorial are perfect. Saludos!!!

  9. Finally!! Thanks so much Sara for posting this video! It is such a beautiful model that I cannot wait to fold!

  10. Can you send me a photo of the diagram crease pattern for the big High density hydrangea that you did a few months ago cause i really want to make it. I’m also going to fold this!

  11. luv, luv, luv. Your instructions are clear and PRECISE. You've answered all my questions about hydrangea folding. You're the best.

  12. Great tutorial!!! There's something unique about your videos, so clear and inspiring, makes me want to start folding right away. I will definitively fold several of this while waiting for your next video. Thank you so much!!!

  13. Half of my desk is now filled with finished and with re-opened Hydrangea models. That's all your fault 😉 (I reopened them after I coloured the petals in different colours to see where I would have to colour the paper before folding the hydrangea.) I really love your tutorials!

  14. Hello Sara! As always your explanations are very clear, and I find the models your choose to teach to be very rewarding. I managed to fold two of them here : https://imgur.com/a/NuPwp
    Now onto the high-density one 🙂 Cheers from France.

  15. I used to see these hydrangea models on Instagram and YouTube for a long time but I never tried to make it. I thought it would be really difficult to make it.
    And now I just finished this hydrangea Tiles! 😀 It looks awesome. I'll post it on my Instagram page. Thank you so much Sara Adams. 😍😍😍

  16. Your tutorials are so brilliant and inspiring!🤩 I especially love your Tessellation guides, please please make another Tessellation tutorial on something new for us to learn!! 😃

  17. Sara, once again many thanks for your excellent tutorials! Just completed 2 of these and am now ready to venture into some of the different variations shown and go for a 64 grid with even more flowers. Such fun! There’s something so meditative and satisfying with folding these. Thx again!!

  18. I really love your videos and I love the the hydrangeas! I can never find the right paper for it though, when I use standard kami for this the white shows through the creases, making it look untidy, and it rips as the petals get smaller. I've tried paper with longer fibers but these tend to be too thick for getting good definition in the smaller petals. Do you have any advice?

  19. So for a 3×3 high density molecule tesselation I would need a 20×20 grid?? What sized grid would I need? Thanks for the tutorial btw :()

  20. Outstanding tutorial! Just made my first hydrangea thanks to you (I did a single one with 3 layers and eager to try a 4×4 with different densities!)

  21. how do u get a permission forom Shuzo? just wonder.
    so, every other artist work if u work on, u need to get a permission from them?

  22. At first I didn't even know how to make a single hydrangea but then I learnt it and became a pro in it and then I started doing this and successfully completed this tesselation I mean low density tessalation. Thanks a lot for this tutorial

  23. I love ur videos. From this wonderful video I have learnt and made all :low density, high density and medium density tiling. Thanks again

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