Origami Tessellation Recommendations: What to Fold June 2015

Origami Tessellation Recommendations: What to Fold June 2015

Hi, and welcome to What to Fold June 2015 the next video in my series where I recommend origami models for you to fold This time around, it’s all about tessellations. Now I know lots of you love tessellations so I thought I’d point out some YouTube resources for you to follow on. So first of all, I wanted to make you aware of a couple of playlists I have on the topic of tessellations There’s a playlist of tutorials for tessellations and fractals that I’ve demoed And then I’ve also got a playlist that just shows simple techniques for origami tessellations that help you along following other tutorials or crease patterns and such. Third, I’ve also got a video from back in 2009 where I just showed some tessellations that I folded back then and 2009 was the year that I really got started with tessellations because I got the book “Origami Tessellations” by Eric Gjerde which is absolutely wonderful and a great resource if you want to look further. And finally, I’ve also got some time lapses of me folding origami projects, and some of those are tessellations and you might want to check those out But now, I want to go on and recommend some models and videos from other YouTubers And first of all, I wanted to recommend Ilan Garibi’s channel and in particular, he has a lot of tessellations he’s designed and he has videos for his Pineapple Tessellation, for his Mystery Tessellation, and for his Hilula Tessellation it’s a really, really new model the Hilula and I think it’s also absolutely magical Each one of them has a very different feel and look but at the same time, I do think that you could recognize Ilan in all 3 of them. Then there’s Jeremy Shafer with a very different type of tessellation — action-based — and it’s really nice to fold his Easy Flasher and when you’re up for the challenge, also his Flasher Deluxe Now after these 2 very well-known origami artists, I also wanted to recommend the Sand Clover Tessellation by Martin from Msaorigami and the Drink Coaster Tessellation by Joe Eagar And finally, there’s of course people that demonstrate other people’s design, just like me So for example, Jo Nakashima presented the Dragon’s Egg by Shumakov It’s also known as the Magic Ball and he also presented the Spread Hexagons designed by Eric Gjerde. And in the same book “Origami Tessellations” there is there is the Bird Base Tesselation by Christiane Bettens and this was presented by Origami Specialist. So those were 10 tessellations you might want to try out Of course, there’s so many more resources out there be it websites that have crease patterns and diagrams or more origami videos So in the comments section, do leave your suggestions on what people should try out. And also, if you wanted to suggest a theme for a future What to Fold video, do leave that in the comments section too because I’d love to have your feedback. And finally, here’s an overview of all the resources I suggested First, I suggested my playlist of origami tutorials for tessellations and fractals And then my playlist of tessellation techniques Then, my video showcasing some of the tessellations I folded back in 2009 And finally, my time-lapses which include some origami tessellation folds. Then I went on to suggest a lot of models from other YouTubers and there’s a playlist for all of those models And finally, if you do enjoy the What to Fold series, I’ve got a playlist of all the other videos in the series too. And with that, I wish you happy folding and in particular, happy tessellating!

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  1. I recently created a mod for the Hex Spread tessellation, but I don't know how to send the crease pattern to you. if there is any way, please let me know, thanks.

  2. can you make a video just of all the origami that you have made or of the origami laying around. Also what types of papers do you use?

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