Origami Swan

Origami Swan

Hello, and Welcome to our Origami Swan video! Swans are usually white or black, but those colors are hard to photograph, so we’re going to be use a pink piece of paper. Start with the color side down. Now you wanna make a valley fold along the diagonal, as we’re showing here, and crease the fold well. Now unfold that last fold, and take the left corner, and fold it to the
center line. and repeat that on the right side. OK, this figure is known as a Kite Base. It’s useful for certain origami. Now you want to fold the left edge over the center line as we’re showing here. Okay now we’re going to fold that edge back on itself, like this. Now repeat that on the right side of paper. Now take that point at the bottom and fold it all the way to the top. So folding the piece in half. Alright. Now take the point and fold it back
downwards. So this is forming the head of the swan. So now we’re going to take the piece and fold it in half lengthwise. Hold the body in one hand, and the neck of the swan in the other. Just pull apart gently. About ninety degrees like that. Now unfold the head of the swan. And there it is, your completed Origami Swan! As I said, you can make it with white
or black paper. Have Fun!

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  1. cool! thanks for this…i made one first before watching ur video and it's a fat swan! ,,.and i also made another one while watching ur instructions and it's a skinny swan!…thanks again

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