Origami Sunflower -Version 2 : : Girasol 2

Origami Sunflower -Version 2 : : Girasol 2

This is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.com In this video you will learn a variation of a sunflower presented in another video. Each petal will have two extra folds. And we need to do more units for the petals. We need six squares, each cut in half. Make 12 of these units exactly as shown in the other video. At this point we add a couple of folds on each side. Fold in half as we did before. We hold it from near de fold. We bring these two flaps down and open them. Press the sides together with the right hand. Make a light crease at the left where it naturally folds. …same here So we have these endings. We have our center ready with wire through it. We gather the petals and insert. Short side first. We give it a couple of twists before we release the clothes pin. Spread the petals all around. We finish each petal like this. Hold from underneath and open, following a fold that we already have there. Once they are all open, we can arrange each petal so that the right side is on top of the left side of the next petal. We can add the stem as shown on the other video, or leave it like this, just as an ornament as we can see here.

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  1. Really don't know if I like version 1 or 2 better –so I will have to make them both! Thank you Leyla!

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