Origami Sunflower –Version 1 : : Girasol 1

Origami Sunflower –Version 1 : : Girasol 1

We are going to be making a sunflower. We begin with six squares. Four yellow, one black and one green. The size of these paper is 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15cm.) Also we need a piece of wire. If we want to make a flower arrangement, we need longer pieces of wire as well, and we need florist tape. To make the petals we cut each yellow square in half. We need eight of these rectangles. The proportion of this rectangle is 2:1 To make the leaf and to make the center, we need to cut these squares to 3/4 the length of the side. We bring the lower edge to match the upper edge, make a pinch mark at the center. Bring the lower edge to that pinch mark. Rotate and repeat here on the right. We cut and discard these sections. And we repeat here. The petal is based on this traditional flower but it has two extra folds. We need 8 rectangles to make 8 units. In this case I have paper of different color on each side. Begin with the color side facing up. We fold in half lengthwise. Rotate. We will bring this corner up so that this edge (on left) touches this (upper) edge. Repeat here… …and repeat behind. Now we bring the lower edge to the upper folded edge. We create a fold about here. Repeat on the back. on phone to this position and we’re
going to create a phone We are going to create a fold here, at the center. We will be adding two folds to each end. We are going to bring this edge to align with this. We are going to make a fold that comes from the edge to the center. We begin at this point and fold. Don’t go beyond this point. We have this fold. Rotate and do the same on this side. We leave them unfolded for the moment. And fold lengthwise. Once they are all tied together we are going to come back and use that fold. We need to make seven more of these units. I will demonstrate the leaf with a bigger piece of paper. It’s is ideal to have paper with the same color on both sides. In this case I have paper of different color on each side. We begin with the white color facing up. Rotate. Make a fold here, connecting the corners. Unfold and rotate. Match the lower corner with the upper corner. Make a pinch mark at the center. We bring the lower corner to that central point and make the crease. We open. We are going to make two marks… …half way between this point and this corner. Fold, pinch-mark. Fold and pinch-mark. We go back. We have those two points marked here. We are going to bring this corner to that point. And this corner to this point. Now we are going to make a fold here, mountain fold. We are going to make a fold connecting this corner… to this corner. That is to make a vein. Turn it over. We make those 2 creases into mountains. We can add one more here… by making a fold that goes from this angle to about half this distance. It’s very organic, so it’s not necessary to be too precise. We open and we have two more veins. And we can, just by eye, put two more here. We fold back to this position. We are going to fold so that this angle is divided in thirds. Also a calculation… by eye. We mark the crease very well. We are going to open to this side. Make a fold along here at the center, a mountain fold… just at the center of this elongated diamond. We hold it so that it’s concave here and we press on this side, so that it folds along here And bring the flap down. We have this shape. It’s not flat anymore. We are going to bring the flap up as far as it goes. Notice that it will stop here. We bring this edge over to align with this. Same here. We are going to unfold and refold so that we narrow… We create a new fold along here. Same here. And we have the leaf. If we want we can add one more vein. Now we make the center. I demonstrate with a bigger piece of paper. White side facing up. Rotate and make the central folds. Bring this edge to align with the center. We will be making an inner octagon. We are going to be folding form this point… out a little bit. Same on this side. A little bit. We’ll adjust later. Rotate, we’ll bring this edge to the central line Fold from a mark that we have here To… make a corner of that octagon We will repeat all the way around. We have this inner octagon. We reinforce these two sides of the octagon. Pinch from the corner. When this flap is standing, we are going to fold it to one side. It aligns here… and we fold to the other side as well. Rotate and repeat on the other 3 corners. We rotate and mark these creases from the corner of the octagon to the edge. We are going to reinforce these lower sides of the octagon. As we press, we have a small flap that forms here. We will fold it to the right and then to the left. Making sure that it matches here. We go back to the right. Bring this right edge so that it aligns with the central vertical line. If we see a little bit of the white it’s ok because we will fold and hide it. We fold the little flap to the left. Now we pinch all the folds that come to the edge. We collapse. We have four bigger flaps. We have also these smaller flaps. Each one of those, we will fold in the same way as before. Rotate… fold to the left, fold to the right. Bring this edge to align with the vertical. We fold the little flap to the left. Rotate and repeat with the smaller flaps. We have these four larger flaps. We’ll flatten each to the left. We start with the lower right flap. Bring this edge to the center. We crease along here. We rotate and repeat here. And this one, we are going to insert into this pocket. To attach the center to the petals we are going to open these flaps temporarily. I continue the demonstration with a smaller one. With a needle we’re going to punch two holes along the central line. These holes will be equidistant to the center. About 5mm. (1/4 inch) apart from each other. Now we’re going to bend the wire at the center. And measure that distance between the holes. Bend again. We thread the wire through the holes. Close these flaps. We have this. On this side we fold each wire to one side… …and to the other. At the center we raise it again. We have narrowed this gap here. We gather the petals together. The short side is the front of the flower. The long side is the back of the flower. We can help ourselves with a clothespin to hold them together. We are going to insert the short side first at the center, and twist. We can remove this. Spread the petals all around. When we have them evenly around. We insert our thumb and with the index finger push from behind to create this. Once we have folded all the petals backwards, we can arrange them so that the left side is on top of the left side, all around. We can use the flower like this and attach it as an ornament to a wreath or to a hat. And also, we can finish it with a longer stem I have here thicker wire, gauge 20 Twist the thiner wire around the thicker one. Cut a piece of florist tape, the same length as the stem. Put it there at the center. Twist it around. As we do so we will stretch the tape. This tape is sticky, so our fingers will be sticky. We can add the leaf here. Wrap it around the wire and the tape goes over it. Only at this point we want to turn the flower and bend the wire. If we do it earlier, it’s harder to apply the tape. Another option is to add the leaf to a separate wire. This facilitates making an arrangement of several flowers. Check out our videos for more origami flowers. These are some examples.

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  1. Very realistic! So beautiful as the real sunflower! The variation is also amazing and the leaves are marvelous! One more stunning present that you give to us! Thank you!

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