Origami Star Box for Christmas :: Caja Estrella

Origami Star Box for Christmas :: Caja Estrella

In this video you’ll learn how to make an star-shaped origami box. This is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.com For more ideas visit our related blog post at OrigamiSpirit.com To make a star about this size, we need a silver rectangle. If we have a standard US 8.5 x 11-inch paper, We can cut off a 3/4-inch strip. or 19 milimiters (be precise!) A4 paper is perfect, which is European standard letter size. Fold in half. Rotate. Fold in half. Bring the lower left corner up to the center. Crease. Bring the lower right corner up to the center. As precise as we can! Rotate. Bring the lower left corner up to the center. Bring the lower right corner up to the center. Open the top part. Bring this flap up. We’ll make a fold about here. We bring this point… …to the central line, and the guideline is that… We have a crease here. That crease is parallel to the top edge, and it makes a 90º angle here. We bring this at the left to meet that point. Unfold. These sections are valley folds at the moment. We will turn them into mountain folds. Press on this edge and inside-reverse this area. We unfold again. We bring this down… and we bring this down. If we turn it over… we notice two perfect pentagons, a lower one and an upper one. Turn it over…. We are going to make sure we see those pentagons on this side. We are going to reinforce along here. We follow a fold that we already have there. I highlighted the two pentagons in black. We will make folds connecting the corners, and we will end up with a star shape. We fold through the layers and connect these two corners. Make a sharp crease. We connect this corner to this corner. We have a guideline here. And we extend this fold that we have here. Make a sharp crease. Now we connect this corner to this corner. We extend this fold. Connect this corner to this corner. And connect this corner to this corner. We can see the star. Rotate and repeat on this side. We see both pentagons with the stars. Unfold the upper flaps. Bring this flap up. Inside-reverse this area as we did before. Bring this flap down and tuck it inside. Turn it over. There is a pocket here. We insert this flap into that pocket. This side is the opening of the box. Reinforce these folds pressing lightly. On this side too. Back and forth, lightly… Turn it back to this side. This is the opening. Insert our fingers here Press from the center of each side. And make it three-dimensional. Work slowly. This side might want to come undone… …so we are extra careful there. We can hold from the edge. Press. Press to open. The box can be filled with candy, small items or small traditional lucky stars. Find the tutorial for the lucky star on this channel. To learn more origami boxes check out our “Boxes and Containers Playlist”

23 thoughts on “Origami Star Box for Christmas :: Caja Estrella

  1. Great model and video, I tried this one years ago but it didn't turn out too well, I will have to give it another try 😀💕

  2. Señora Leyla Torres , podría hacer usted un tutoria de OrigamiSpirit pero haciendo no l lo tradicional , quiero que haga por favor as palomitas movibles esas las que las haces y de la clase se mueven las altas , please , thanks

  3. Since I have been watching, I had loved every single origami tutorial you have made! The models are very easy to make, but they are also great origami models.

  4. beautiful model and beatiful execution. well done! and – hooray – something that banks on standard european paper size 🙂
    thank you.

  5. I watched this video more times than I'd like to admit and couldn't get it. Then I saw this tutorial https://youtu.be/TW6orUDAD8U and it just clicked. Leyla's detailed explanation of how all the folds work together to form a star is really helpful, but the linked video simplifies a bunch of steps and was easier to execute. Good luck and happy crafting everyone!

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