Origami Stand (Jo Nakashima)

Origami Stand (Jo Nakashima)

Fold in half Make only small creases Fold the top edge to the center Unfold Fold the bottom edge to the center Unfold Fold in half vertically Make only small creases Fold the left edge to the center Unfold Fold the right edge to the center Unfold Fold the bottom edge to the indicated crease Crease only at the sides Unfold Repeat on the top Repeat on the left Repeat on the right Fold the top edge down Unfold Repeat on the other sides Crease where indicated Bring the corner where indicated Crease only through two squares on each side Rotate and repeat Rotate and repeat Rotate and repeat Pleat-fold Pleat-fold Valley-fold the corner Valley-fold Repeat on the other corners Fold the edge inside Origami stand finished!

100 thoughts on “Origami Stand (Jo Nakashima)

  1. disculpa, sabes con que otro nombre se lo conoce al papel que usas, quisiera saber para poder conseguirlo, gracias eh!

  2. Jo Nakashima, gostaria de saber qual a marca do papel que você usa! 😉
    Amo o canal!
    Parabéns pelo trabalho

  3. muy bueno! cada vez que hago uno intento grabarme el procedimiento! una pregunta como se llama el papel que tu usas? yo uso hojas blancas pero tu que me recomiendas?

  4. your so awesome Jo. i love it great job.I make three of it one for my penguin one for my dinasour and one for my kangaroo.thanx.

  5. Só eu tive problemas com o encaixe? Apesar de ter feito tudo milimetricamente calculado, as minhas partes não se encaixam tão facilmente como no vídeo. Já fiz 3 e ainda não obtive nenhum resultado satisfatório. Alguém tem uma dica?

  6. I love your videos and everything you've done. I just wish i had the amazing talent you learned thank you for inspiring me to do more and work hard.

  7. ¿Cuál es el tamaño de los soportes al final? Es para sacar la proporción con la hoja original.
    What's the final size of the final stands? It's is for do the proportion between it and the original paper.
    Gracias, thank you.

  8. I've made so many of your models,this model was EASY lol. I love your origami and want to become a origami artist as good as you one day😊

  9. boys and girls,jeremy shafer and jo nakashima both have rights to get respected.Think,someone who hate them. Who on earth would have made those models?Can you even create your epic own model that it takes over 20 mins? No. Origamis are for fun,they aren't for critics.

  10. Sos un genio, realmente sos mi maestro del origami, e podido hacer (salvo algunos que todavia no intenté, como el dragón) todos los origamis de los videos que vi tuyos. Comencé cuando publicaste el perrito terrier, desde ahi no he parado. Gracias JoNakashima

  11. From where will we get the papers you use for making dragons because from the papers which i use it is extremely difficult for me to fold the minute details. Please help

  12. The instructions are very easy to follow, this lesson took me long to follow because there's a lot of steps but they're very easy. Well done Jo-sama!
    I used this for my mini Kade-Chan dragon you also taught me to make. Thank you very much!

  13. Hey nakasimha sir I made you many origami and subscribe to my channel magical Manojit and I have subscribed your channel please subscribe to my channel

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