100 thoughts on “ORIGAMI SQUIRREL (Jo Nakashima)

  1. Great combination of good diagrams, clear recording, beautiful clean-cut intermediate models, You can follow almost at 1:1 speed, 13/10 for me!

  2. Hello Jo, I have a question, with what program do you make your diagrams and then have them in pdf. I wait your answer . Thank you

  3. Oi Jo Nakashima,sou Gustavo Loks sou o seu melhor fã,asisto todos os sous vídeos faço os origamis .Seus origamis são os melhores que eu já encontrei, também até crio umas verções para os seus origamis,meu maior sonho é te conhecer,espero que o meu sonho chegue logo,quero muito te conhecer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Hello Jo!
    Another great model from your side! I just love your origami models and want more and more!
    You are my most favourite origamist too!

  5. Heres a story , when I at school showed your ( jo's ) origami , the school students were literally like " wow , you're a legend " and blah blah blah , 2 days later , they formed origami " gangs " , they either squat or sit , using an origami book to make origami , I wanted to make them a dragon they refused and I nearly got chased , so I decided to NEVER show origami at school EVER again , 'cause those kiddo will form gang and attack me , so the origami trend slowly died off , when I was in college for the first time , there was an origami class… , I later learned that it does'nt teach cool models , just tsuru , mouse and other model for small kids.

  6. Make an origami scorpion pl0x , all I find in the web is complex origami , make have legs , claw and tail , you can use the waterbomb base that you used to make your beetle ( by the way I spend times folding 15 of them ) maybe it should help.

  7. I guess A4 paper isn't exactly the kind you need to fold this model, but that's what I have so that's what I used. Although I folded it, it turned out a bit "wonky". The nose on it split and so did where you'd tuck the tail, guess too many layers of paper and not enough give.
    I got into Origami back when I was over in Okinawa. Some of the models they fold are unreal. I watched a Lady paint a paper umbrella and when she was finished, not only was it water proof, it was absolutely beautiful. Blue white skies, green grass, brown trees and Cherry blossoms. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  8. I can't believe I have been watching you for 3 YEARS.
    I scrolled back on your videos and the last one you made that I remembered was the Pegasus…

  9. Really this is for foil backed paper so that the model can close and for example the eyes, also my tail ended up pointing a little backwards. There are a couple of lock folds near the end. What is meant by the square root of 2? Anybody? Do they mean the bisectors?

  10. What size does the end squirrel from the 20x20cm paper end up to be? I'm doing a few animals and want to try make them equally sized. Thanks in advance

  11. YES!! I LOVE UR VIDS!!!! i finally made this! i like all ur videos and i really support you jo. i also love the dragons u made which are really cool

  12. I love that this piece is very similar to your Baby Dragon! I have folded MANY Baby Dragons, so folding this squirrel was fun and easy! Your origami is my favorite! Thank you for your hard work!

  13. 진짜 만들어 봐야겠네요^^ 너무 귀여워요♡ 제가 다람쥐를 키우고 있거든요^^ 진짜 귀엽네요^^ 제 다람쥐도 보러와주세요!!

  14. I just fold this cute squirrel using 15cm*15cm heavier kraft paper. The diagrams are missing some "repeat on the other side" instructions but it was easy to follow. My only problem was that the mouth part got too thick to fold so is missing the final tiny little bit touch.

  15. I wonder how origami makers come up with such folding patterns. Those are really cool, and while doing , I remain astonished about the next pattern- the way they make the folds and creases. Keep folding papers, Jo.

  16. I made one. It was a bit tricky, but it turned out pretty well. After making the dragon, everything else is relatively easy by comparison 🙂

  17. 짱이에요 예술적이에요
    "대박 이에요 "
    다른 사람들에게 소문
    내고 싶어요
    어렴지 만요

  18. Получилось с первого раза! Лайк и подписка!

  19. Это самый лучший, мой любимый канал с оригами.o (∩ ω ∩) o

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