Origami Spread Hex Tessellation (Eric Gjerde) – normal speed collapsing

Origami Spread Hex Tessellation (Eric Gjerde) – normal speed collapsing

First let’s cut an hexagon Fold in half and unfold Fold in half and make only a small crease at the center Fold the bottom to the center and make a small crease near the right edge Turn the upper part of the crease into a mountain fold Bring the top of the mountain fold to the small crease on the right Now bring the mountain fold to the left side along the crease you just made Fold in half Valley-fold and mountain-fold on the existing creases Make a little pinch mark Cut from the pinch mark to the corner Hexagon done! Fold and unfold the top and bottom to divide into 4 parts Divide each part in half Divide each part in half Divide each part in half to get 32 parts Invert the valley and mountain folds
This will make it easier to fold later Rotate and divide into 32 parts again Rotate and divide into 32 parts again Now we have a triangle grid Find the center hexagon with 2 units in length on each side Mountain-fold the line from the left corner to the corner of the center hexagon Mountain-fold two sides of the center hexagon too Valley-fold the lines next to the mountain folds making pleats Flatten the model Mountain-fold the next edge of the center hexagon Unfold the pleat and make a mountain fold from the corner of the center hexagon Make the valley folds next to the mountain folds Flatten the model Repeat the same procedure on each side of the hexagon On the last side you have to deal with two corners at the same time Continue making more hexagons as indicated Now the hexagons overlap, so only make the visible sides You can find where to make a hexagon on the direction of each corner Make a hexagon between each of the hexagons from the previous step Make two hexagons on the direction of each corner Make a hexagon between each pair of the hexagons from the previous step Spread Hex Tessellation finished!
(It’s possible to make one more hexagon on each corner)

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  1. This is one of the most beautiful pieces I've seen so far. yes it isn't a complicated creature, but the continuous shapes, effort, and time that goes into makes it so beautiful.

  2. The amount of folds won't really affect the outcome, correct? Instead of 32 folds for each side, I can do less (ex. 16), right?

  3. This is a awesome model and very thorough video, I just dont have the patience for it. A job well done Sir!

  4. Is it possible to use any other kind of paper than tissue-foil because i don't have that. I have "normal" origami paper. Can someone answer me plz??

  5. I've now watched this demonstration several times whilst in the middle of a pain flare, and every time it helps me to relax and focus on something other than my pain. Next time, I'm determined to get a go at folding it. ..

  6. my summer vacation started n this is such an awesome way to pass my tym I can't wait to make it 😃😃😃😃😃😃

  7. hey jo when your folding he grid instead of doing the 32×32 twice can we just make the fan the first time around

  8. impossible to follow at 14:28 no visible or audible instruction just pointing. very frustrating after trying half a dozen times I tore it and threw it away

    I folded it again and this time it worked. I had to almost go second by second pausing figure out how to collapse this thing. I don't know how many hours this took me…far far far longer than the 24 minutes this video took

  9. Your tutorials are wonderful. Every model I've folded from your tutorials has been successful, first time. I deeply appreciate your time and effort in filming them! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent and skill with us on YouTube!

  10. I love your videos and have had great success on several of your other videos. I have seen you use this paper before and was wondering where you got it.

  11. I was wondering if there exists an origami technique that can fold a paper in the horizontal and verticale direction indepetently with a minimum of influencing resp. the vertical and horizontal folding direction?

  12. hey, jo nakashima ,don't you ever get tired of making origami because since you are an adult and your job [real] might interfere with your origami. does anyone in your house ever scold you for these origami? how do you remember all these steps? if I ask you to make an origami which you made 6 to 7 years back, can you make it without forgetting any steps? what is your job anyway? I am your biggest follower

  13. This was literally the origami I had the most fun with yet. Seriously, it's awesome. Fold it too if you haven't yet!

  14. Thank you very much, very good tutorial. I fold from a 20×20 square normal paper and I succeed the first time i'm so happy ! I can fold in a better smaller paper now, i can do it.^^

  15. Thank you! It took me many hours of trying and lots of torn paper but my finished model is beautiful! I would send you a photo if I knew how on here. Hint for first timers: It really makes a difference which way the flaps are folded to be able to visialize the next hex!

  16. My eyes hurt, I haven't made it yet. BUT ITS BEAUTIFUL!! I used to collapse the Mini Magic Ball, but I don't think I can collapse this model. ;-;

  17. Just a few more folds and you will be left with just six single triangles sticking out at the edges which can easily be folded in, then you will have only the stacked hexagons in the correct pattern visible – nothing else sticking out.

  18. for me it took 2 hours to get to 8:27 and he did it in approx. 10 mins because he fastforwarded it took him 8:27

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