Origami Simulator – 15-112 Term Project

Origami Simulator – 15-112 Term Project

Hi my name is Takumi and I’d like to demonstrate my 15-112 Term Project It is an origami simulator and I can fold this virtual origami by dragging and dropping vertices like this and one neat feature about this is that whenever I drag a vertex close to
another one it detects that they’re being close and
automatically snaps that corner onto there so that finished origami looks neater. So let’s just fold something here and I can flip the origami, of course. and and down with making a skater and there
are two most to you this application and one is this edit mode where you can
follow the our economy and the other is do you mod where you
can go through order steps day you’ve taken
so far and Terry animation and this is gonna be
helpful when you’re trying to make the Oregon your life and are trying to use this application
as instructions were and so when you’re
happy with it your our economy dan you can save it so there you can come back to it later and the our economy gets a and and textural I’ll like this so you can load our economy from before
let’s do that home like this and you know let’s go through it stops and noticed at the thumbnails on the bar on are I reflect the changes on the Oregon me in
the main screen the main 3d graphics is done using and es macho
called peapod on Andy to a bar appear and the thumbnails down here are trying
using don’t you explain and that’s it thanks for watching

3 thoughts on “Origami Simulator – 15-112 Term Project

  1. Really cool! I have been trying to find a origami simulation program like this that will work on a PC with windows. Do you have any suggestions or a download for your program? Thanks so much for the help!

  2. @Aiden(YouTube doesn't let me reply to you directly for whatever reason)
    I've added links to the project in the video description! You need Python and VPython installed to run it.

    Also, I know another simulator that has similar functionalities:
    You need to download "origami.exe" and "freeglut.dll" on that page to run it. Hope this helps!

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