Origami: Simple Rose / Flower Prison Break – Instructions in English (BR)

Origami: Simple Rose / Flower Prison Break – Instructions in English (BR)

hi everyone welcome to a new video today I’ll show how to make this flower inspired by the model show in the series Prison Break this is my version of course I made some change and you can vary as you like the flower and leaf was made with just paper and the stem paper and glue I hope you can understand the instructions and enjoy the video let’s go in total I’ll use 1 square with 14 by 14 centimeters one rectangle with 10 by 20 and 2 with 5 by 10 centimeters you can use any paper starting with this square if you only one side is colored it starts with the white side down in our first step is to fold in half horizontally now we have vertically maintaining the last fold now pay attention maintaining this position on the base we need to fold entry here like it that here you can use a ruler or as I prefer fold something like a leather ass just watch her adieu and repeat or use the roller now on the right side we need to fold one third of the base up creating a new diagonal 45 degrees reinforce this fold in open the paper until here now pay attention again we need to fold a new diagonal connecting this point here to this corner here like this line and unfold with the finger open this flap and flatten divide in the middle fold strongly and bring the right edge here to the middle line flatten again now that way okay turn over and repeat the same step now in this corner unfold both and open the paper now just rotate in this position fold in half horizontally again and repeat the last step on both corners exactly the same thing we did before unfold both and open the paper now turn over putting the color right side down this is the main step first find these two diagonals on the top as in this image and using it fold the top to the left side counterclockwise again just watch her adieu and repeat do the same on the other three sides this step is a little hard and I hope you can be able to do on the end is almost dead just reinforce defaults you I will just arrange defaults closing well to not open with that step done is almost the same flower showing the serious if you want to you can keep it that way but I prefer with more details as this other flower here some cures make it more realistic for make it easier I recommend to use a stick a BBQ stick or another cylinder and first inside wrap the flaps around the stick or the cylinder something like this repeat on the others do the same now on the four petals until here and then roll maintaining a soft cure the flower is ready to make the leaf take you one of these small rectangles and start folding in half horizontally in this position now we have vertically bring both sides to the middle divide it in four unfold and on the first square of the left side folding half diagonally unfold and using this creases open the paper and reverse the corner open again and fold the same corner in half and close again now in the third square we need to create a new diagonal like this this a step can vary unfold reverse again bring these little edges to the bottom side the other as well open here and hide the paper underneath something like this close the leaf repeat you on the other side open and fold both sides to the middle close again and the leaf is also ready now this time using the larger rectangle we just need to create something like a cylinder is lim cylinder you can use this stick to help yours glue in the end anyway to dry now for the calyx use the last rectangle but some glue it’s prayed well and wrap around making a cone something like this wait to try a little cut the excess and cut again the calyx just a little bit dividing in four open here with this done this piece is ready to let’s put together I recommend for us the stem-and-leaf will paste about here first put some glue in this side rat around the stick with days inclination this step can vary use something to hold until to dry put some glue on the calyx these four little flaps put on the base of the flower anyway to dry our flower is ready I know I say this all the time but I really hope enjoyed this video congratulations to all well be able to do this don’t forget to click on like button give me comments also subscribe to my channel and follow neo gummies all the week thank you very much for watching and until the next time

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