Origami: Simple Gift Box – Instructions in English (BR)

Origami: Simple Gift Box – Instructions in English (BR)

hi everyone welcome to a new video today I will show how to make a little gift box this model is interesting because it’s made with your only one square of paper don’t need glue or cover you can use any size in any paper it’s very easy to do I think I hope you can understand my instructions and let’s go in this video I’ll use 21 by 21 centimeters collar on both sides in our first step is to fold in half on the Rozonda unfold and repeat on the vertical okay turn over and fold in half in both diagonals right now fold the right bottom corner to the middle and repeat the same thing on the other tree unfold ow now in this position fold the bottom corner to this line here on the opposite making these new crease again do the same on the other tree rotate in this position and we need to make a new horizontal line here as this image for that bring the bottom edge up until here and fold starting on the middle unto the right side and unfold rotate and repeat the other two sides as well it’s almost ready now let’s fit a little tension here we need to rise the corners like that and push the space on the middle to the center here watch and repeat keep it on the right side the same logic on the others with this done using the last crease we did lower this layer here like that and the others as well I hope we can understand oh okay now let’s fit fall to the center first this layer here this flap damn the other on the top on the left and fit the last one inside this space under the first our gift box is ready as I said is very easy to do I try to explain as best I could I hope we have been able to do if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to click like button thank you very much for watching and until the next time you

10 thoughts on “Origami: Simple Gift Box – Instructions in English (BR)

  1. por que vc não faz videos de origamis 3d feitos por varios modulos acho lindo mas não sei muito como montar

  2. você poderia botar o nível de dificuldade nos títulos dos vídeos para quem é iniciante não tentar fazer uma fada achando que é bem facilzinho

  3. Oi sou um desastre , ja tentei fazer varios origami do seu canal mais não conseguir , qual video voce sugeria de origami facil para iniciantes ? .

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