Origami Shirt Bag Mini シャツ型ギフトバッグミニ【折り紙】

Origami Shirt Bag Mini シャツ型ギフトバッグミニ【折り紙】

how to fold a mini shirt-shaped gift bag out of origami another video how to make a larger gift bag out of rectangular paper (click the top right) Today, I’m going to use 15 cm (6″) origami can be a bi-color shirt, too can hold 3 thin chocolates (3.5 cm square) how to fold Thin paper is recommended You can select playback speed by clicking
the three dots button or the gear icon make small marks
(don’t make a crease) if you like a mono-color shirt,
fold this way I’m going to make a bi-color
(this part is the only difference between mono/bi color ) fold at the line on the paper below stop around this area fold toward the other side from the line fold in half again fold in half This is a thick area, so
fold right side and left side separately bring the corner in the circle to the arrow – Very tough to fold area –
Try to make the paper soften by your fingers Done!

27 thoughts on “Origami Shirt Bag Mini シャツ型ギフトバッグミニ【折り紙】

  1. かわいいですね。動画中で折り上がったものが、オードリーの春日さんに見えるような…

  2. どうやっても全部が同じ色のはできないんですが…

  3. https://youtu.be/-Ao-VcNntvE Folding the Mono-colored shirt from 2:13 (no subtitles).

  4. Amazing tutorial! Thank you for sharing this with us. I already made two bags. And on Friday it's my girlfriends birthday. Of course here gift will be in a bag of this model.
    How do you make the bow and tie?
    The only thing that people should think about are that the middle line are not necessarily. You can mark it the same way that you mark the other lines. Then it's not on the front of the bag. Looking a little bit nicer.

  5. このシャツはとてもかわいくていいですね。私も折り紙をやっていますが、とてもこんな上手にはできません^^^

  6. 何とか出来ました。かわいい。

  7. 右手の親指大丈夫ですか?


  8. I love the model. Very clever!

    What i would like to know is how you keep the shirt tucked in under the collar

  9. 作ってみました‼

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