Origami Santa Claus (Jo Nakashima & Camila Zeymer)

Origami Santa Claus (Jo Nakashima & Camila Zeymer)

Fold in half Unfold Fold in half vertically Unfold Fold along the diagonal Unfold Turn over Fold along the diagonal Unfold Fold the top corner down to the center Fold the corner to the top Unfold Fold the corner to the crease you just made Fold the corner down Fold the edge up Fold the edge up to the existing crease Turn over Fold the right and left edges to the existing creases Fold and unfold the corners Turn over Fold the top corner down Crease at angle bisectors Unfold Turn over Unfold Mountain-fold Valley-fold at angle bisector Repeat on the right side Turn over Fold like a square base using the existing creases Push the sides Squash-fold Fold the bottom corner up Fold the corner down Turn over Fold and unfold Repeat on the left side Reverse-fold Reverse-fold Fold at angle bisector Squash-fold at the bottom Repeat on the right side Valley-fold and insert the flap into the pocket Repeat on the left side Turn over Valley-fold
(Note the reference point) Unfold Reverse-fold Reverse-fold Repeat on the left side Fold the tip up to the crease Unfold Open and squash the tip Valley-fold Valley-fold the corners down to make the moustache Shape the nose Fold the corners to make the eyebrows Cover the top of the head with the hat Fold the arms Fold and unfold the corner Reverse-fold Repeat on the right side Mountain-fold Fold the feet Santa Claus finished!

99 thoughts on “Origami Santa Claus (Jo Nakashima & Camila Zeymer)

  1. Thank you for this nice origami. You are very nice. I hope Santa Claus will give lot of presents. Kind regards Francis

  2. Now YouTube has a new feature that allows the community to contribute with translations to different languages!
    Please help me translating this video to your language: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=OmwhIOyoiHQ

  3. Can you make a tutorial of the donkey by Roman Diaz sometime, Jo?
    Super sleek design! You never fail to impress me! 😀

  4. Oi Jo , seu canal é muito bom . ¿ Você podería fazer , um trenó e uma rena ? ¡¡¡¡ Por favor !!!!!
    Cumprimentos do Chile .
    Hola Jo , tu canal es muy bueno . ¿ Podrías hacer , un trineo y un reno ?
    Saludos desde Chile . ^_^

  5. Great Santa, I went ahead and made it, but I couldn't do the face! It was too small! It's still good though, yours is great!

  6. amigo debes enseñar en donde se va cada doblez y en donde se marca¡¡ hací como en el minuto 6:21 no se muestra nada¡¡ es bueno tu origami, pero explicá mejor¡

  7. I recommend this little modification to make it stand easily:
    (you can watch this after finishing this video)

  8. 음…..
    제 친구 아버지가 하시는 채널이라는데…..맞나요…?
    한국어라 모르시면 죄송합니다!
    용인에 사는데……

  9. You and Camilla make great models btw I love your channel I have been watching it now for two years you inspire me to design the best models I can and keep up the good work may the folds be with you

  10. Hey, it's a great design.
    Can you tell me what paper size that is?
    It says 18×18, but what size should sleigh then be?

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