Origami Sailboat (Folding Instructions)

Origami Sailboat (Folding Instructions)

Today we will be folding a traditional origami sailboat in celebration of World Origami Days.
World Origami Days is a two and a half week long celebration about spreading the joy of
origami. Today, October 24th, is the first day of World
Origami Days. This is because October 24th was Lillian Oppenheimer’s
birthday. World Origami Days continues until November
11th. November 11th was chosen because it is also
known as Origami Day in Japan. For more information about World Origami Days,
please visit WorldOrigamiDays.org. Start with a square sheet of paper- color
on one side and white on the other. Start by folding the top left corner down
to the bottom right corner. Make a crease, and then unfold.
Now flip the paper over and fold the left side over to the right side.
Make sure the edges line up perfectly, and then make a crease.
Then, unfold. Now, take the top edge and fold it down to
the bottom edge. Make a crease, and again unfold.
Now take the bottom left corner, and fold it into the center where the three creases
that we just made intersect. And do the same thing with the top right corner.
And those two corners should line up evenly in the middle.
Now, fold the model in half along this diagonal crease that we made first.
All you should see is color on both sides. Now what you have to do is align this crease
and this crease. You’re going to do two reverse folds.
So, start by opening up the middle a bit and pushing this flap upwards.
Push it upwards and towards the middle of the model.
And once it’s like this, just push down and the model should lie flat like this.
Now you do the same over here. Open it up a bit, and push this upwards and
towards the center of the model, and push in along this crease here.
And then, just squash down like this. Now were going to take the top left point
that we just created and fold it down to the bottom point.
Once it looks like this, then you just have to fold this flap up a bit.
There’s no exact reference point, it just determines how high this sail is going to
be. So I say– right about there.
And just make a crease and make sure this edge lines up with the
other sail over here. Once it looks like this, you can just pull
up the colored part a bit and push this extra paper inside there.
Just like that. Fold this bottom colored point up to here,
where the sails and the colored point intersect. Make a sharp crease,
and turn the model over, and you’ve completed your sailboat.

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  2. The one time in art I got it right the first time. Thanks I really enjoyed the video very thorough instructions! Liked and subbed

  3. Thanks for watching! You can find the paper that I used here: https://amzn.to/2YrkLax
    Tag your photos with #ezorigami to be featured in my next video!

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