origami rose cube

hello i am going to show you how to make an
origami rose cube this is a completed petals i,ll show you how to do that with this one
take the two corners to the other two take these two corners to
the half way fold repeat on other side I am using double sided paper three lines in the
middle two on the out side you bring the corner to the third crease we
flipped the crease ninety degrees push
the paper to the second line and push down open up and fold inside fold
the thinnest part on the edge and fold down
repeat on other side fold triangle to corner repeat completed model do two others i’m back
put triangles in to pockets diagonals should meet loosen up put last in pocket now
we are going to make one leaf pleat repeat
first few steps in flower to
the 4 lines this corner to the 4 line do same on other corner to
the second line
make square fold small corner to triangle
fold up open up and do second line step fold the part down make two others put big part
in pocket instead of meet
up switch around so they do opposite loosen up put last in take flower pleats in to pockets and make
in to rose put leaves in to
make into a cube make sure corner is facing you

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