Origami Rose Bush Bonsai -4 – Leaves, Stems, and Thorns

Origami Rose Bush Bonsai -4 – Leaves, Stems, and Thorns

In this video you’ll see how to make the leaves, the stems, and the thorns for the origami bonsai rose bush. Leaves will look something like this a little rose leaf. When put together with the stem, it will look like this. So you take a piece of tissue foil, varying sizes. This is a two inch piece. There is also a number of one inch pieces for the smaller leaves. Fold it in half. Fold the tips into the center. Now reverse fold the leaf along the original crease. and crimp, then take the tip and fold it in about less than an eigth of an inch and repeat that until you get up to the fold. Then open up the leaf, and you can see the creases of the leaf now. now we’re going to make the stem. So flip it over and then fold the bottom part of the leaf about four fifths of the way up to the top. Then fold the tip back and crease slightly, about an eight of an inch where the tip meets the leaf. And then crimp underneath. Then stick you finger nail into the center crease of the tip, then squeeze together while at the same time pressing down on the leaf. And there you go. Rose leaf. So take three of those. We’re going to put them together in a little stem. So another piece of tissue foil a little brown piece about a centimeter wide, half an inch wide and a little less than two inches long. Fold the corner over then roll it with your thumb to form a tube. And keep rolling until you get to the other end. It’ll look something like this. Then twist it nice and tight to get it to hold its form. Then back it off a little, so that you can slip the leaves into it. Slip the leaf down into the space between the layers of the stem. Press into place. Same for the other side. Then tighten it up to secure the leaves in the stem. Then take the third leaf and push it into the top of the stem. It should fit in there nice and snugly. And there you go. A leaf set. Next I’ll create the leaf base for the roses. I have a ten inch rose here. This is what it will look like. Once the base is added to it. For the 10 inch rose use a 4 inch piece of paper for the 8 inch rose use 3 inch, and for the 6 inch rose use a 2 and a half inch. And fold along as we go here. Now fold the open side over into the center. and do that for both sides Then take the closed side and fold it over. Then fold it back, and reverse fold it the other way. Then open up the bottom portion. and, do a petal fold to fold it in. and then do the same for the other side. You end up with something like this. You want to open it up now into a star shape. so it looks something like this. Then take one of the leaves and flip it up. and then the next one and flip it up. It’s not going to want to go so you’ll need to take the corner of the first leaf, and fold it over so its tip meets the center line of the second leaf. And then press it down. and you’ll want to do the same for all four sides. You end up with something that looks like this. So, one more step. Push it down onto the table, and open up the center area, until it folds down flat with the surface of the table. You probably have to rub out some kinks in the tissue foil as you’re going along. and it ends up looking somthing like this. Now you just want to curl the corners a little bit. and you’re done. 10 inch rose with a 4 inch base. Now to make the thorns. Here’s an example of what a rose thorn looks like. another example. take a small square of tissue foil and create something that looks like this. Various sizes, this is about a 1 and a half inch piece. The first one was about three quarters of an inch. fold the square in half and open it again. Fold the opposite way across the diagonal. and open it up. and fold each of the corners into the center. and you get something that looks like this. So flip it over. bend it a little over the tip of your finger, then squeeze one end of it, tight while at the same time pushing down on the other end to create a little cup over the end of your finger. and you get something that looks like that. Set it down on the table. Give it a little press so it sits flat. And there you go. Rose thorn. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. could you do this with standerd origami paper or even yet basic printer paper and color printer paper

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