Origami Rose Bush Bonsai -3 – Roses

Origami Rose Bush Bonsai -3 – Roses

In this video you’ll see how to make the roses for your origami bonsai tree. Start off with a piece of tissue foil with 8 by 8 folds in it to create 64 squares. and that is done something like this. If this is a little too fast for you you can go to Youtube and type in Kawasaki rose revisited to find the slower version of the video You also notice that when you’re folding the tissue foil, it’s going to be a little more ridged than typical paper, so you have to be careful not to crimp the foil when you’re making folds. You’ll also want to use the tip of your finger instead of your nail so you don’t end up cracking the foil. So once tour 64 squares are done, fold in the corners and do the same for each of the other four corners. Once that’s done, do a mountain fold across the diagonal. And across the other diagolnol, and you come up with something looking like this. So now you want to create the center folds. you fold the edge over to the tip of the corner you just folded in. And do that for all four sides. So now you’ve got some precreases to do. A short crease across this line here. Take a corner fold it over to the center. and then just crease this portion here. In this case I’ve used my thumb nail, because its an important crease you’ll need well creased later on. You’ve got four more little corner creases to do, right here. Just creasing the corner. and do all four. so you come up with something looking like this. Mountain fold but don’t crease… … and a valley fold over, and then you’ll want to fold the tip over. Like this. So this will create the center of your rose. Then flip it over and do the same by reverse folding it. Then unfold your model and pinch each of the diagonal folds around the square that was created in the center. Now that the diagonols are all creased nicely, you want to take each diagonal and fold it over to the first crease. Start with just the bottom part, working your way around. With regular paper your can probably fold the whole the whole thing down, but with the tissue foil you want to do it a little bit at a time. And gradually work the rest of the diagonals down into place. Place it down on the table then work it in carefully, so that the center square works its way down to the surface of the table. This can be a little tricking using tissue foil. It tends to crimp a little, so try your best to work the crimps out as you’re going along. Now you’ll want to work out any crimping that has occured underneath, to bring the center to a nice tight close. Like that. Now from the rose base you have here, were going to start folding the leaves. So from the first crease, push out right here. and reverse fold that crease, and reverse fold across this crease here. and do that for all four corners. once you have all four corners reverse folded, you come up with something looking like this. The next part is a little tricky. This is the corner fold you create a few moments ago. You want to take this and fold it over to the fold across the valley. This is quiet tricky with tissue foil, not so difficult with regular paper. and fold this corner around. then do the same for all four corners. and that’s it. One last step is to fold the bottom together. and then after that it’s curling the petals and creating the artisic look of your rose. So the final touch up, the rose ends up looking like like this. You’ll want to create three of these. this particular one is the eight inch model. You want to create a six inch and a ten inch model. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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