Origami Rose Bush Bonsai-2 – Tissue Foil

Origami Rose Bush Bonsai-2 – Tissue Foil

The flowers the stem and the leaves for your origami rose bush are going to be made out of tissue foil. You’re going to need to make that. Can’t be bought in a store, not that I’m aware of anyway. You’ll need some white glue and some heavy duty aluminum foil. You’ve probably got some of this in your cupboard, but if not, you can pick it up at a supermarket. The white glue needs to be watered down a bit so it comes out still somewhat thick, in the consistency you can see here. And then you want to apply the white glue to the foil before putting a layer of tissue on top of it. So once your glue is applied evenly put a layer of tissue on top trying to get it as evenly spread as possible Carefully apply it so you don’t rip it, and carefully press it down into place very gently, and work out the bubbles. Smooth it out, don’t worry if there’s few creases, it’ll give character to your pieces. Now flip it over and do the same for the other side, apply a layer of glue… …and cover it with a layer of tissue, and working out all the bubbles. So you’ll need three pieces of tissue foil, some red, some brown, and some green. and there you go. Tissue Foil.

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  1. There's a playlist if you search for "Origami Rose Bush Bonsai". Why iot does not show up might be a question for the YouTube folk.

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