Origami Raven

Origami Raven

for the raven we start withe the colored side down, so this will be a white raven fold the paper in half if you’re familiar with it, you can skip by clicking the anotation turn the sheet and fold diagonally fold precise for a nice result remember you can pause the video if you need to you can take your time now we will colaps the sheet push the centre, and bring the corners together the precreases should make this easy this is now a Preliminary Base note: the open side points towards us fold the first layer to the middle line the edges are align with the middle crease now the base looks like a kite turn and fold the triangle down fold as far as possible without tearing paper now we make a petal fold therefor we pull the to layer up [see image] we will fold the to upper creases backwards for that and then flatten the shape also petal fold the backside first the pre-creases open them and pull the paper back again and flatten the shape now we got a birdbase now flip the 4 flaps according to the image then fold the shape in half [see image] outside reverse fold the outer of the flaps at the top this will be the tail of the raven shape the feet [see image] first fold edge to edge then just bend the paper just inside reverse fold the long flap crease the feet as far up as possible then make big feet ,so the raven can stand and that’s your Raven!

100 thoughts on “Origami Raven

  1. It seemed my raven wouldn't have any feet, but after trying once and once again it's finally standing on my table!! Thank you!!

  2. Thank you a lot for this usefull feedback! I appreciate it. the think is for good folding I need to turn the paper. On the leg parr: I agree I should have shown this better. Also what do you mean I conclude with an aerial view? In the end of the video the is a side view of the model as well as in the beginning of the video.

  3. Great instruction, but I agree with the feet thing. Could not complete the raven as I have no clue about the feet.

  4. loke for i love for bith for cazum8 mather of mom the music ?

    na verdade falo espanhol mas aprendi portugues hola

  5. I almost got it. Lost it when you folded the legs…I did not even understand where the legs even came from…But I tried some folding on myself…And ended up with a BADASS PENGUIN! I am quite proud of myself right now!

  6. I am really sorry, but the poor thing is long gone. I made the terrible mistake of showing it to my little sister…I found his head, and his head only…I swear to God, having a little sister is like having a Bulldog sometimes. But I'll try remaking it, and post it in a couple of days.

  7. Very neat, thanks for the video (╯-╰)/ ☆ ur a very talented artist!! Im still practicing on the crane; your videos are the most helpful to me! (^-^)♬

  8. cara,vc é doido o meu ficou uma completa bosta eu odiei tente botar o video mais devagar eu quase pirei aqui.

  9. Thank you for the instructions. The combination of the shape on the top right and the video make it very easy.

  10. Your too fast! I'm still pausing to do the folds but I still can't see what your doing as you are going too fast, not good!

  11. Ugh… I keep watching it over and over but I can't get it! This is getting me annoyed. 🙁 can someone please make a video..

  12. To make an origami, you must be calm. And train yourself. This isnt easy. Just keep trying. And STAY CALM. Dont hurry up, or something similar. Just stay calm, and you will make an origami. I did much of them. With blank paper. I colored the origami, and it looked amazing. All of them.
    This is for everyone who has problems with making these kind of origami.

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