Origami Rainbow Slinky VERY EASY – Yakomoga Easy Origami tutorial

Origami Rainbow Slinky VERY EASY – Yakomoga Easy Origami tutorial

Hi guys! Today I will show you how to fold an origami
Rainbow Slinky I took the idea of this model from another
video. I will leave a link to this channel in the
description under the video. Look how differently it can move. If it’s folded into the ring, it can take
several different forms. He can become a beautiful bracelet. Can be a beautiful star. Or it can simply endlessly twist into different
forms. This model can even be folded children. For this model, we take a few squares with
a side of 5 cm. Fold in half. Turn the paper… Fold the bottom corners Return the paper… and fold the top corners Return the paper… Put your finger in the pocket and… Fold in half. The module is ready. We need to make the same modules of different
colors. We connect the modules to each other Insert one module to another. Pull it out 4 or 5 mm. Bend the upper corners of the red module beyond
the edges of the orange Insert orange module in yellow and… repeat
steps We continue to collect all the modules in
one snake The origami Rainbow Slinky is ready. Friends, if you liked this video, please write
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66 thoughts on “Origami Rainbow Slinky VERY EASY – Yakomoga Easy Origami tutorial

  1. Крутооооооо вы самая лучшая в мире.Кстати я живу в Казахстане.Мне 11 лет.Я часто делаю вашу оригами.А ты где живешь ? УКРАЙНА ИЛИ РОССИЯ ? БЕЛАРУСЯ?

  2. Круто! Сейчас буду делать, надеюсь получится…
    Спасибо Вам за такие подделки)))

  3. I have only three colours….hmmmm
    So five for each colour meaning (5×7)

    35square paper in total

    divide that with 3 and that’s 11sheets for me with 2sheets left over. Cool

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  5. Quem é brasileiro e assiste easy origami e veio parar aqui clica na minha foto e se increve no meu canalll

  6. Super time consuming, but I finished it after a few mistakes. This was such a helpful tutorial! Please make more.

  7. Why the shit are not putting how to make that circle you if i didnt get 100 likes and subscription i will put this video too i am promising …. by the way it was nice

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