100 thoughts on “ORIGAMI RACCOON (Oriol Esteve)

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  2. @Jo Nakashima – Origami Tutorials Very nice piggy! I have a request for you if you wanna pull it off again. Can you do an updated tutorial on the Five Intersecting Tetrahedra? I want the full assembly as well, but explained VERY well so we all can make it. Cheers!

  3. Jo, first of all, i want to thank you for your whole work, which is very important both for beginners and for more expert people: when i started doing origami your tutorials were crucial because they were (and still are) very clear and cool, too. Then i have a request: could you make some tutorials, that probably will be more difficult than your normals videos, in which you'd show how to create origami, because already exist videos like that, but most of them are not so clear. I've already created some models, but I hardly found ways to do it and I ain't so good.
    Hope you'll read this.
    Greetings from a 14 y.o. italian boy (sorry for bad english)

  4. Hello, I like your videos a lot, as a suggestion, with the black paper some folds are invisible in the video in 15:50

  5. Thank you very much for this amazing origami. I folded it but it's not so pretty than yours. Kind regards

  6. jo nakaSHIMA -origami , zesram ci się na ryja .super zabaweczki z papieru ale troszkę śmierdzi .chyba czuć Ci kupę w gębie .zalatuje smrodem..idź na wysypisko śmieci znajdziesz tam swoją rodzinę .może wyprostują Ci te krzywe obrzydłe puchy

  7. Looks great! I have some double sided gray and purple paper, so I will have to make a purple eyed raccoon. Thanks Jo!

  8. thumbs down maybe because it's MUCH harder then it looks. i've done some fairly complex origami but mine ended up a disaster. his example is always flawless lol

  9. thank you so much for the tutorial!!! but I do find that using a black paper for tutorial is very hard to follow 😊

  10. Hace cuatro años que veo tus videos y por fin tengo cuenta.
    Miraba tus videos desde un cyber y caminaba para llegar a mi casa 30 minutos; llegando lo primero que hacía es tomar una hoja y recordar TODOS LOS PASOS EN EL ORDEN CORRECTO Y LOGRABA OBTENER LA FIGURA. La verdad me gusta el Origami, me ayudo mucho en desarrollar una super memoria gracias a que conocí tu canal y al compartirnos tus ideas. Espero que sigas creciendo porque "QUIERO APRENDER MÁS!"
    PD. Quedó muy bonito el Mapache 😸😹😹😹

  11. Respect to anyone who can actually do this,i messed up like twentysomething papers trying to replicate this,some folds are hella confusing, guess me and my son are gonna sculpt from play dough for his school project

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