Origami Rabbit (Hsi-Min Tai)

Origami Rabbit (Hsi-Min Tai)

20cm x 20cm Fold along the diagonal and unfold Fold in half and unfold Fold in half and unfold Fold the edge to the crease and unfold Repeat on the other side Fold the top corner and unfold Fold both edges and the top corner down Fold the corner up Fold the corner behind Repeat on the left side Fold the top corner down to the crease intersection Squash-fold Valley-fold the corner to the right Repeat on the other side Valley-fold the corner Make a closed sink If you think closed sink is too hard, you can just mountain-fold this corner Repeat on the other side Line up the edges and fold Make a mountain-fold from the end of the last fold to the corner Complete the swivel-fold to flatten the model Repeat on the other side Fold in half Outside reverse-fold Open Valley-fold the near layer and squash-fold Fold the corner to make the foreleg
(there are no reference points) Swivel-fold Make a small swivel fold Close the head Repeat on the other side Valley-fold. Bring the left point to about same level of the right point Valley-fold Crimp-fold Mountain fold the corner Swivel-fold inside Repeat on the other side Mountain-fold the bottom corner inside Valley-fold Reverse-fold Shape the hind leg Reverse-fold the tip Repeat on the other side Bring the ear down making a squash-fold on the top Fold the ear up Repeat on the other side Reverse-fold the top of the head Reverse-fold the point Make a pleat Closed-Sink/unsink to make the tail Reverse-fold the points of the forelegs Make a pleat Crimp-fold
Repeat on the other side Make a pleat on the body Crimp fold Finished rabbit!

98 thoughts on “Origami Rabbit (Hsi-Min Tai)

  1. me encanto tu vídeo!!!!!! re entendible 👏👏👏👏👏. saludos desde Argentina 2016!me salio el conejito!!!🐇

  2. K U S O!!!!! I gotta get better paper!  uuuuuuuhhooooaahhhhh! fuck1    ( picture Yosemite sam ______ uuuh I hates rabbits)

  3. Just finished it! The paper I used was a bit too thick for this, and it made a lot of the folds much more difficult than they were. I'm still fairly happy with how it turned out, though 🙂

  4. joer :'v me tarde 2 hrs con el dragon 6 y ahora me llevo una hora con uno que pense seria mas facil y ya la cague la ptmr >:VV

  5. Today is easter and I made a rabbit🐇🐇🐇
    🥚🥚🥚🥚HAPPY EASTER🥚🥚🥚🥚

  6. I did my best! but still Y DOES IT LOOK LIKE A DRAGON BUT WITH WINGS ON ITS HEAD INTEAD OF BACK? Great video!

  7. Es dificil muy dificil😱😱😱😱😲⏰⏰⏰⏰💯⚠♻es dificil solo algien un poco pequeño lo haria esto es 💩popopopopopopopopoø

  8. I got as far as 9:08 before this person started folding a fold that didn’t exist before, breaking the laws of physics and pissing me off.

  9. Thank you sooooooo much!!! I loved this video cuz I had to make a b-day present for my BFF, who love bunnies. This was really helpful and I think no one should have hit thumbs down.

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