Origami: Puzzle Six Pieces / Burr Puzzle – Instructions in English (BR)

Origami: Puzzle Six Pieces / Burr Puzzle – Instructions in English (BR)

hi everyone welcome to a new video today we will make a burr puzzle this model consists of six parts each one is made with a square of paper I found this origami on the Internet this is my version is almost the same but I think this way is easier for a better result I recommend a sturdy paper let’s go I’ll use 6 different colors 15 by 15 centimeters twists are take the first square and fold in half diagonally first in this side them the opposite [Music] with both diagonals folded just turn over rotate in this position and bring this edge here to the middle but now fold just a little bit on the top here [Music] repeat on the left side now in this position bring this crease here to the middle fold strongly do the same in this edge here and unfold now on the other little crease we need to fold exactly the same thing [Music] in this position again fold the two lower edges first the right them the left and in this corner here fold until this point creating this new horizontal crease unfold out rotate in this position repeat the same okay using this creases we first need to fold up the bottom corner in this line and close the right side over it like that repeat on the other and unfold all rotate and repeat the same step [Music] now we need to fold in half in this line making a mountain fold and a little attention here we need to create a new diagonal connecting these two points as this image here we need to fold strongly [Music] now fold this bottom edge to disorder on outside and fold this little chip on the top back undo this step and repeat here exactly the same okay now unfold and we need to create a new diagonal connecting now these two points here just watch and repeat again fold strongly rotate repeat the same here [Music] now fold in half in this line making a valley fold [Music] reverse the right corner in this line here like that the left side as well the left corner now in this position we need to make a lock using existing creases again just watch what I do and repeat watch this corner inside closing like that reinforce this fold and we have something like this repeat on the other side exactly the same [Music] and for the last step we have these diagonals here these two spaces first fold to the middle the larger space that way damn the larger on the other side and the smaller space over them [Music] well this piece is almost ready for a better result just reinforce the creases arrange the folds and this one is done now we need to do five more [Music] right let’s solve the puzzle [Music] and that’s it I hope enjoying this video if yes don’t forget to click like button thank you very much for watching and until the next time [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Very boring video wasted my time don't know how to make anything the worst channel in the world very Worst models don't know what is origami wasted my sheet

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