Origami Projects : Origami Cherry Blossom: Part 3

Origami Projects : Origami Cherry Blossom: Part 3

After making 30 pieces of, for this modular,
we are going to assemble it. Here I am just going to assemble five pieces. And, the rest
of it, is pretty, it leads you, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. You can tell where each
piece will go, and eventually it does form into a ball. So, for the first piece, kind
of flatten your units. So, open that crimp up, and kind of flatten it. And the way we
are going to assemble, is this little triangle with the white showing, is going to be inserted
into this pocket of another unit, right here. Triangle, right into that little pocket. Re-crease,
and this serves to lock the two pieces together. Turn it. Take your other piece. Flatten it,
and take this section, and insert it into this pocket, like this. This is our third
unit. Now, now we’re going to do our fourth. Take this section, insert it into the fourth

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  1. me parecio muy interesante el trabajo, exelente pero es muy rapida la esplicacion desearia saber si ustedes venden algun texto sobre esta tecnicas

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