How to make an easy origami Poop Emoji Kraft Paper
15cm x15cm Note that the creases aren’t parallel to the base Origami Poop Emoji finished!

100 thoughts on “ORIGAMI POOP EMOJI 💩 (Jo Nakashima)

  1. I've try to mod a bit this origami and I make the poop from manga/anime Dr.Slump & Arale!
    I've just fold inside the mouth and close the eyes to draw them

  2. o/ Live in the USA, I think the heart eyes emoji (😍) would be really cool. Thank you for the awesome tutorials, keep up the good work!
    Edit: just realized you already made an origami heart eyes emoji. I already folded it, it's really cool!

  3. 와 드럽긴 하지만 어떤 아이디어로 접었을까? 전 이 채널 구독에다 종도 했어요. 존경합니다

  4. o/ Hi! I'm from Mexico. I would like to see the alien emoji in origami, (I love the poop one too).
    Thanks for making this giveaways!

  5. Well today was my exam and a moment just before my exam I made this poop emoji and showing to my friends and they were like 😠 and I was like 😬.

  6. o/ I live in Lithuania and my favourite origami is the origami groom (probably because it's you!)and my favourite origami emoji is the heart-eyes emoji. Love your videos, happy Chinese New Year!

  7. o/ Hello from Canada! I am enjoying your videos but have only tried the heart so far. I think I will try the poop emoji because my granddaughters will think that's very funny! Thank you for your fine videos, especially because you also show the diagrams in the corner. Joanne

  8. Wow! This is so cool! My sister is going to love this when I fold one for her. Thank you Jo! By the way, do you know of a website or place where someone can buy duo red/blue colored paper for say a design like a spiderman origami? I know you can make your own with spray adhesive or other chemical adhesive, but I just wondered if you had any thoughts.

  9. o/ hey Jo, I live in the UK, and my favorite origami emoji was the heart eyes one – I just think it looks so cute and well-made/designed 💖 I also think that you should make some of the animal emojis, as you have made many animals before, but not as emojis, and they would be so cute if you did!! 😍🐶
    I also just wanna say I love all of your origamis so much, they all look so good and are fun to make! Your tutorials also make it easier to understand the steps, so thx!! You’re awesome at this Jo!! 💙

  10. ウンチ、可愛いですね😍


  11. 日当たり関係ないのですねー




  12. https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/proxy/SS3c9Zbpw6ksTbn1ZDVtV0sXUrnS8Tm4EJjh_VsOqsCjzHI8L7OoS30ad-oQ-rlyHCl2npU_Y3I8DbW8-z7pKiWAnCzsdr3Suw82hFFgJNIp7W6W4pnQiefX5lz3sGc8=w375-h375-nc

  13. 重ね重ねありがとうございます!

  14. Hi, as an idea of ​​origami I propose a jaguar because there are no really beautiful so here I hope you will if it continues like that you're great!

  15. o/ Egypt. The most impressive emoji is that one “😍”you did it perfectly, and the stunning one is the American eagle 🦅.

  16. o/ I'm from Colombia. I actually really liked this poop emoji! It looks really cool in origami! Love your videos and your instagram account!

  17. Wow! I am a 12 year old kid from #Greece. I love your videos and my skill level is intermediate. When I grow up to be an adult I really hope I manage to go to complex difficulty because I love origami and I have made about 100 of them you are really an inspiration to me and when I finish a model the satisfaction is huge! Keep up the great content

    Edit:my favourite models that I have folded are the snowflake, the slinky, and your bottle v2 including the cork!

  18. o/ i'm from France and m'y favorite origami smiley is this one. I don't know if you did it before but i'd like to see à thumbs up origami.

  19. o/ hi Jo! I live in the United Kingdom and I think you should design the 😝 emoji in origami. I loved the smiling emoji! You inspired me to get into origami and I have been watching your channel for 3 years. Your origami is amazing and you should never give up on it.

  20. o/ I'm from the United States of America and I would appreciate if you made an origami axolotl at an intermediate or lower I also would like the swag emoji

  21. Hello! You could read the CPs, I found a CP and I do not understand you, and I need your help.

    Here I leave the CP: https://www.flickr.com/photos/paper_paradise/23677586794

  22. 조나카시마님 코브라접어주세요 따른유튜버들/껀 어려워요 ㅠㅠ근데 앞으로답장할때 한국어 돼도록 부탁요 ^^

  23. Very good video. I folded 9 poo emojis so I can pass them out as party favors to my friends. Bye the way, I noticed you have a “Giveaway” with some of your new origami videos. I’m not sure I understand it, does the first person to fold your new origami win a origami folded by you or something? Just didn’t fully understand it.

    Here's a link to a photo of my finished poo –https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/25826604327/in/dateposted/

    And here's a link to a photo of the nine poo's I folded – https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/38887406180/in/photostream/

    Thank You!

  24. I like very much this origami poop and I feel like to offer it to some stupid politicians, but i don't do it because I don't want to have some troubles. Anyhow thank you for this nnice funy origami. Kind regards

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  26. jo, I have a question… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx6lQoCqX3s. go to that link and tell me isn't it the same origami??? but carlos choo has published it 1 year ago….. and you have published the same origami only three months ago. and in your channel artist name for that origami is also JO NAKASHIMA. 😒😒😒 can you explain that!!!

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