Origami pipe

Origami pipe

Hi This is Joanne with Broadcast Sunny And you can support this channel at any time by subscribing Thank you. The corn pipe or pipe origami I was thinking of it as a corn pipe because Saint Patrick’s Day is a few weeks away two, three weeks away I was thinking of something to do for St. Paddy’s day but I couldn’t think of anything and no I am not promoting smoking I do not smoke pipes or otherwise and I don’t suggest you do. This is just for fun. Alright. Fold in half. Open up. Take this edge and fold it to the fold you just made. Open up. Same on the other side. Open up. Fold again. Open Same on the other side. Now you want to make even folds and you want to make it for the center so think of this fold right here and take it to the center. Open up and you’re going to do the same thing over here. and open up. so we have … one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight. Eight. Eight evenly spaced folds. Fold this in half. I mean fold the one end. and then you want to go one, two. so we’re folding at this point. so we’re not doing this, we’re doing that. Skip one. Do it again. Fold this in and flip over. Now. This one you want to fold. The part you fold here is going to be the pipe. You want to fold it about a third. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But about a third, of the way down. Also fold the tip here maybe a quarter of an inch to a half inch. Press. and open up – well, we’ll do that later. We’re going to fold it into the pipe part. OK, open up. Oh, no, no, no, keep it closed. Sorry. Now what you want to do, is make …. we’re going to make two folds where it’s goes from this point to the center and this point to the center. Which is a little tricky. So, fold over Before you press Take this top edge to this edge And press just from the center where this fold is right here to the point. This has a lot of folds in it. You may want to get to a point where you need a bone file or like I said the back of a butter knife works too. We’re doing the same for the other side. But this time the top edge will go on this side. to the pointOK. Open up. so You have a half of a triangle OK, this is where it gets a little tricky. I hope I show it properly. So you want to fold this So it goes … closes. so you have a mountain fold. At the same time, this triangle is going to … We’re going to try and make an “L” shape this triangle is going to tuck into this top part Iguess you can say, where the flaps are is going to be the valley fold mountain on this side so fold it this way But at the same time tuck it so you see it makes that I’m going to try and open it again These are making mountain folds on this side but valley on this side so, it’s all valley in there Close it. and there you go. You have like an “L” shape That’s what we want. I shouldn’t of pressed there but what are you going to do.Open up. here at the top Open up. I like to open up so it is all white insideand these folds here are going to now be Tucked in. Ack I’m not doing this right. There we go. Come on. There we go. Sort of. See that’s smushed. I need some help. My finger is not getting in there. That’s the shape you are looking for. on both sides. Where is my …I wonder if that’s becauseNoThere we go. OK My test one that I did this with was much easier.but that’s basically the shape you are looking for. I still don’t like it. Even though I’m going to be playing around with it I’m getting rid of a lot of that. Alright. This is where you want the bone file anyway because you are going to open up Open up. and fold this in fold it in tight. Same on the other side because you want this to stay tucked in. We’re not unfolding this. OK, close it. Alright So you see this is more flattened out. I got rid of alot of that ooo, I forgot You have this fold at the top. We’re going to tuck that in so we have a pretty edge at the top so that’s the inside of your pipe No, you cannot smoke anything in it. It’s paper. Now we want to flatten out the mouthpiece here. First we’re going to make a fold to help guide you. I’ll do it down here. I don’t want it all the way up. You want a kind of triangle fold shape here. This is tricky. And then a straight line down here. because you’re going to fold it flat in and sometimes I don’t find the folds here, really help much because it is such a tight fold I can’t help but think about the saying, you can only fold paper seven times This is one of those times I think about that And then I shape it. more with my fingers than with making those folds but see it does have a triangle That’s the mouthpiece Now to make it Look a little bit more like a corn pipe with a mouthpiece although I don’t recommend putting it at the tip if you’re going to put it in your mouth this is water marker But it’s non-toxic so…it depends if you are going for the decorations or are you going to wear it like a leprechaun I mean put it in your mouth like a leprechaun I’m going to stop there Here is your pipe. I made it yellow to make it look like a corn pipe If you liked this video, please share, like and subscribe. or embed it in you blog much appreciated and again If you got my book, thank you very much Oceanus, Living in Isolation It’s a story, a sci fi story about living under the ocean And that’s it, thank you again Bye.

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  1. “Totally fun, enjoyed your sparkly attitude….do you have a giraffe? I am stuck trying to make a giraffe…subscribed and shared.

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