Origami Pinwheel Cube (Folding Instructions) – Part 2

Origami Pinwheel Cube (Folding Instructions) – Part 2

Once we have created all six modules, we
will want to assemble the model. But before we assemble the model, we should reinforce
the two mountain folds that we created last, and they will look like this. Make
sure they are sharp creases now because they help give the model its shape. Do
that on each module to make sure the model comes out nice, and it will give
the model an nice cube shape. Now that we have reinforced the mountain folds, we’re going to start to assemble model. So take one module and hold it in front of you. Then take two other modules
and hold them in front of you. Now what you want to do with the two extra
modules is take them and insert them into this first module. But as you’ll
notice, there are pockets on either side. There’s one pocket and here’s another
pocket. And you will be inserting these other two modules into those pockets. So what you want to do with this first
module is go over this top flap here and inside that pocket. And with this one, you
want to go over top of this flap and insert it into that pocket, just like
this. So over top of this one and inside the
pocket, just like that. And now you want the other one inside
this pocket. You’re going to go over top of this first flap and inside that second
pocket, so just like this. And you have to keep
pushing it in until you get a pinwheel shape, just like this. Make sure it’s nice
and tight and everything lines up, just like that. And you should have a pinwheel
in the center, just like that. So now you have this, and now with this
second module we’re going to do the same thing. So take two other modules and you’re
going to insert this flap into this pocket. So we’re going to insert it in there, and then this one
you’re going to do the same thing, but you’re inserting into this pocket. So this may take a little bit of
practice to get it right, but you want to open that up and put that flap in. Okay, so now you should see two pinwheels, just like that. When we collapse this model, we’re going to take this as the top of
our cube. Now what you’re going to do is make sure this cube
stays on top. And the way to get the other sides is to reinforce those
mountain folds that we again reinforced earlier. So you’re going to fold all of them down
so that we have a single cube up top. But you’ll see that you have extra flaps and
extra pockets laying around. What you want to do is insert those extra
flaps, just like we did earlier, into those
extra pockets. So you should have that. And now there
will be another one on the other side, just like this. See, there’s an extra flap and there’s an
extra pocket. So just insert it like we did before. Okay. And then we have these whole extra
two flaps up top. Now what we want to do is insert these
extra two flaps into the pocket. So insert one into one pocket and insert
the other into the other pocket. This can take some time to get used to, so you may need to use some paper clips
to help you along, or just try a couple times until you get it. Now you should have this. So you should
have about three pinwheels. 1, 2, 3, and the other side should look
like this. And the top or the bottom is open. So we’re going to take this last module,
and first you’re going to look at the incomplete side and you’re going to
insert one of the last module’s flaps into that pocket (that extra pocket that
we didn’t use yet). And that completes another pinwheel. Now we’re going to fold the mountain fold over the top, so we should have this. And
then on the other side that’s incomplete as well, we’re going to insert that flap
into the extra pocket that we haven’t used yet. And that creates another pinwheel. Now there’s only two left, and there’s
two more flaps left. So just as we’ve been doing, insert them
into the pocket, just like this. And then you just make sure everything is
aligned the way you like it. And then you’ve completed your Pinwheel Cube. I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial
on how to fold an Origami Pinwheel Cube. For more origami videos please visit
youtube.com/ezorigami. And please comment and subscribe, and thank you for watching!

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  2. i would get 1 piece of paper cut them in squares get markers or crayon to make the stripes and tape it together

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  4. your vid is so kool.
    I tried to do it before however the instructions I had were not too clear and I just gave up. Your vid makes it easier. I will try with the new instructions and I let you know. I think I will be fine because I could not connect the modules. Now I have a better understanding. Keep it up u r the best.

  5. not really a pinwheel cube its more of a patterned cube if it was a pinwheel cube it would transform to a pinwheel or be an actual pinwheel with a cube

  6. Yes, and no. Yes, it would make more sense if it DID have pinwheels for something on it, and no because it have a pinwheel pattern on it.

  7. thats a Amazing origami cube. have to try making this. don't have two colored paper though. gives a better effect as you did your box. thanks.

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  10. To EZOrigami
    My pocket is too small for my parts to go in…. Please help me about this because I like origami because of your channel……

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