Origami Pikachu – Easy Tutorial – English Version

Origami Pikachu – Easy Tutorial – English Version

Hello everybody ! It’s Anthony ! Today, we
will make an origami of Pikachu ! Oh ! Yeah ! It’s a very very beautiful Pokémon ! I’m very sorry if I don’t speak very well english but I’m French. Well, let’s go ! In the first time, the materials. For make this, you need a yellow square paper,
a black gel pen, a black permanent marker and a red. To finish, you need a correction pen. OK ? Well, let’s go ! First, we will fold
the paper in the middle. OK ? Fold in the middle. In the first time. The second time. Well. Then we will do the same with the diagonals. OK ? The diagonals. The first. Ok. The second. Good. Now we will draw his face. With the black gel pen draw the nose, in the
middle. OK ? Good ! In the corner draw the ear. And quickly use the symmetry for draw the
second ear. OK ? Press. The second ear. Good. Now take the black permanent marker and fill
it. OK ? Good ! Now, draw the mouth. Use the symmetry. The eye, draw a circle. Use the symmetry. And fill it. For finish the eyes, use the correction pen
for make the white of the eye. Good. The second. Well ! Now, take the red marker and draw the
cheek of Pikachu. Draw a circle. Use the symmetry. Press and fill it. Good. Well. The most complicated part is finished. We will able to finish this Origami. To do this, fold the paper in this way. OK ? Fold… Press… OK ? I show you. Press. OK. Good. The second. Well. Now, we fold the tabs inwards. OK ? Fold. The other. Next. Fold. The last. Good. Now, take
this part and fold. Good. Fold the other. OK ? The last. Good. Now, fold the ears. Fold. The second. Good. Fold this tabs. Fold. Fold. Good. Now, take his tabs in this place. In… In… OK ? Good. Well. The fold is finished. Now, for finish the orgami. You must blow in this place to inflate this. OK ? Let’s go ! “TADADA” This origami is finish
! I’m very very happy. This origami is very beautiful. Hum… I hope this tutorials will have helped you. If so love this movie, subscribe and share. Thanks you people. Bye bye !!!

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