Origami Pig :: Cerdo en origami

Origami Pig :: Cerdo en origami

In this video you’ll learn how to fold an origami pig. This is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.com This video is dedicated to Jean Kinsey. She has been folding paper and teaching origami for 50 years! To make a pig about this size, we need a piece of paper 6 x 6 inches or 15 x 15 cm. For the demonstration I’ll use a bigger piece of paper. We position it like a rhombus. We are going to make one diagonal. Turn it over and rotate. We will make to pinch marks at the corners. We will pretend that we are making the whole diagonal but only pinch mark Rotate and make the central folds. We leave it folded. Pick it up and press toward the center. And we make this shape. This is known as “preliminary base”. It has only a short mark on this side. …and this. Rotate so the open part is pointing down. We rotate a little bit more so that it looks like a square. We bring the flap out. This will be the body of the pig and this will be the tail. We fold along here. And we fold along here. This edge matches the right edge. Now we bring this edge down so that it aligns at the center here, parallel to the lower edge. And perpendicular to the right edge. We unfold, place our finger inside. We are going to reverse pushing from the edge. This is an inside-reverse fold. We bring this edge to match this. And same here on the other side. We open again all the way. And we open this. From this point to this point will be a valley fold. We are just inserting all those folds we just made. This is the body. We press from here. Let this come down. Bring down the little flaps again. At this point we open like so. And we see this triangular flap here. Fold it so that this corner touches the vertical crease. Unfold and leave it like that. We will come back to it at the end of the folding. And we collapse it again to this position. We open slightly. Bring the lower edge to match the internal folded edge. And just make a pinch mark. About one third of this whole distance. Turn it over and repeat. Open here and pull out this flap. We are going to work on the head and eventually we will bring it back in. This edge aligns with a horizontal crease. We fold to the front and fold to the back. This we wrap over the edge. Create that fold. And unfold. We look at the distance from the point to the fold. Fold the point about one fourth of the distance. So… half One fourth Unfold and fold the tip in. We will be making a fold along here. The guideline is one third between the corner and this line. This is the body, this is the head area. Open to this position. Reinforce all this line as a mountain. And all this line as a valley. We are pleating. This is a pleat fold. Hold from here and push down. We reverse a fold and bring the flap inside the body. Hold from the upper central edge. We will make a detail of the head. Pull from here. Let some paper come out, right here. When we cannot longer pull, we flatten. We make a fold from this left angle to the upper edge. A 45º degree angle, We can see a square. Turn it over and repeat. We are going to fold from this angle to about a third of this distance. About here. We fold to the front and then to the back. We are folding through several layers of paper, so it’s thick. Hold tight from here. Insert our hand underneath. This is going to come undone a little bit. We open… …so that we see this point. This corner is like a little pyramid. At the base of the pyramid we have these folds. We will reverse them into mountain folds. And these mountain folds, we will reverse into valley folds. We will push with no fear. It’s going to be messy for a couple of seconds. Walk our fingers along the edge. We sink that area. This is called a “sink fold”. We refold the tail. Now we are going to define a leg here. We look at the lower distance. This is half. This is about one quarter. A little less and we will connect that point with this angle, making a fold along there. We can fold both layers together. Unfold. The one underneath is already in place, a mountain fold. This one, we reverse. Pinch the existing fold at the corner. Make a round fold connecting this intersection… to this short fold we have here. At this point we can refold the flap we have inside. Curl the tail. Curl the ears, starting by the upper angle. We can pinch a little bit right there. Check out our videos for more origami animals. These are some examples. Find links for these video tutorials in the description of this video.

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  1. Es un modelo muy gracioso. No de líneas rectas y frías sinó voluminoso y regordete. Me gusta mucho. Eres genial. Gracias por compartirlo.

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