Origami pencil box – How to

Origami pencil box – How to

Hi, this is Joanne with broadcast sunny and you
can support this channel at any time by subscribing thank you. okay is a pencil box I’m using
card stock so I’m actually going to
use this, so you’ll probably need a bone file or a knife or something so you can press it down, if you’re using
cardstock I was able to make this was regular
paper as well I like to put a mark for inside and outside because this has two of the same colors and it’s just for me to keep track okay so start by folding in half this one we’re just looking to get the centerfolds he could probably
just make a mark there and that’s fine just so you know where the center is I forgot to mention this is a
eight-and-a-half by 11 Actually let me double check that yes 8.5 by 11 sometimes the card stock can be nine
by twelve K now you want to put in a a fold in between these two so bring the edge up to here to this fold here and do the same for this side flip it over and bring this edge to the first foal same for this side Flip it over and what I want to do it is bring this Bring this edge to … like you have several squares here this
should be one big one you could put a fold there but I’d try to
avoid it if you can. So you will have one two with two rectangles bring this one up
after the second one and fold this fold this point so that the edge here matches up with this edge here do the same for this side okay now open up and you want to fold in using this as a mark from this triangle that you
just me and fold in at that point same here OK now we have this triangle and up here you have several rectangles but think of this once, skip this and you have these two
rectangles here and what you wanna do is to make a fold
that goes from here down to here. So basically you folding this up. This edge will go along this. See there you go and and uh … don’t go all the way down just here same on this side okay now fold this back up. You have two long rectangles here. put these two edges backup. OK, now we’re going to make the box. Take this flap. fold it down. You see this is side one and then big push this under That’ll be side … this is side two bring this up. See it starts to make a
box You just now have to attach this to this side the trick is … this is the trickiest part
of the whole …. is to bring this in the way I The way I have done it is to bring it in That should be a mountain fold but you
don’t want to bend this Because this clock here she go over
that flap so what I tried to do is I bend this a
little bit just gently because I don’t wanna make marks
specially with cardstock and slip it in and there’s one side bended as if you are going to bend this
flap but don’t slip this corner underneath. and there you have a nice pencil box There, you have a nice pencil box. If you liked this video video please like share and subscribe and help support the site. the channel, thank you.

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  1. You're my saviour! This tutorial will made me spend lesser money on buying plastics pencil holder from value shops! ๐Ÿ˜‰ pls advise if A4 size papers able to make this holder to fit the size of the pens? Thanks aplenty! Love from Singapore! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. that's cool but I make my boxes a bit different and that's okay I did like how you explained it slowly enough that if I wanted to try this i might be able to

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  6. Prendi un po' di sole alle mani. Fanno impressione, sembrano cadaveriche.Te lo consiglio, anche per fare una carezza. Saluti…….

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