Origami peace dove

Origami peace dove

hello dear friends of folded sheet I’m Tavin from Tavin’s Origami instructions and today we fold the peace dove by Alice Grey it’s in easy simple model, and we start by folding the model diagonally in half you don’t need any special paper it just needs to be a square it works perfectly fine with post-its then I would make the white part the sticky part because we’re not going to unfold this again we’re just going to fold the triangle we just made in half and now take the top layer of that triangle and fold it in half again so we fold edge to edge and the corner upwards now we take this new corner here and fold it to the middle of the left-hand edge like this and we’re going to unfold this last fold now and we take this and we do an open sink we reverse the left crease here make it a mountain fold and then we push the part between inwards and close it up again now it looks like this reinforce those creases a little now turn the whole model around and repeat the last few steps so we’re taking the left hand corner fold it upwards to the top you take this new corner fold it where the other one go make it a strong crease now we open the last two creases make this a mountain fold this too and close it up now we rotate the whole thing sorry yeah we’re rotated counterclockwise and we take this corner fold it downwards to shape the head of the doll so this is the closed one the bottom part is open where the wings are and we’ve taken this top part now and make an inside reverse fold we do that by pushing inwards and reversing the few creases we just made so this is now the head of the doll and now we take the wings I just spoke about and fold them open like this just take the bug top flap and fold it upwards and as a final touch we fold the tail here the angle bisector like this reinforce the crease open it up make a crimp fold so we just make a mountain fold to the left and the right like this here see both sides and then rewrap the whole thing around so this is now our final death just a little more arranging it looks like this I think it’s a really nice model often mistaken as traditional i did this mistake too i hope you enjoyed this and i would love to see you next time until then happy folding bye bye you

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  1. Your tutorials are really good in every aspect: telling us what to do, showing us how to fold and having a diagram in the right corner to be able to check! Thank you so much. My goal for 2018: make at least one origami peace dove each day. With this tutorial it will definitely work (:

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