Origami Pavilion

Origami Pavilion

I with the idea of this piece and how do you make this piece is the piece is made from 4 feet by 10 foot long sheets of colored plants which is a plastic materials it’s very light but we start with the paper model this is something that the rookie drew in the computer and we folded it in paper first to confirm the design and how it would fit together but it’s actually a cheap so it’s made from flat sheets and can be opened up completely into just a circular tube and I don’t if you can see but there’s a pattern on the inside a fortune and yes so we drew the pattern onto the plastic then we scored it folded it and created the large tubes which are then put together now with tape here and it’s actually the full piece is approximately nine feet tall and corner to corner I believe it’s something like 15 feet like that so it’s fairly large and we wanted to do something that was bigger so you could really feel the sense of his space the interior space that’s that’s created survive refold as you can see this is basically the same process that we went through to make it fold it first so you mean this is a one flat sheet completely flat yes and for this one flat sheet and you just to fold it and make it a tube and then it becomes this very magic sculpture we’re saying we’re in the process of folding it you you fold you put this thing together and then suddenly at one point it becomes three-dimensional and it’s very exciting tada moment where it all takes form do you need to calculate it mathematically first or do you how do you design it for envision it and design it first in order to be folded every angle has to be okay we don’t color plate have to have some alone in between so we drove keeping us their condition in their computer and then print out so we’re not sure you don’t use any three-dimensional drawing program it’s completely done in two dimensions the way with a sheet of paper and any other pieces in this show that you would like to show to your audience besides this gigantic piece basically the same ideas but this is a tube well this is actually very similar to that the difference is number of you know pieces are in this case 10 that one is for the biggest one has four so beef has ten sides yes but also are folded to me yeah and then this one is quite actually quite different idea may not this one was falling from the one sheet of rectangular paper without any stretching any Korean of any overlap so it’s quite different type of origami joining the thing is he has a interior volume inside and then completely enclosed this one is also say by the similar to this but simpler and then made of folded from the one shown paper this one time but it’s the one demonstration that you know this is symmetrical this way and this way that doesn’t have this symmetrical control the shape

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  1. 導入で大きなモデルの正面だけではなく、側面や斜めの静止画、できれば側面から正面に移動した映像を入れた方立体のイメージをより明確に理解出来そう。

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