Origami Pandora´s Box (Yami Yamauchi)

Origami Pandora´s Box (Yami Yamauchi)

To get this paper to print and fold, check the video description Divide into 5×5 (I used ruler and pencil) Fold diagonally the indicated squares Fold as shown and make a pleat Repeat Valley-fold on the vertical lines Connect the ends as shown Fold each diagonal crease as shown to close the top Tuck the last flap to lock the top Repeat on the bottom Pandora´s Box Done!

18 thoughts on “Origami Pandora´s Box (Yami Yamauchi)

  1. como sempre trazendo Origamis de 1ª qualidade para nosso entretenimento!
    Gostei, divulguei e favoritei!

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