Origami Owl Review | Comp Plan

Origami Owl Review | Comp Plan

Origami Owl Review old hold whole have gone my friends welcome to my origami owl review my name is John White and I’ve been
writing reviews and a writing blog posts for a couple
years now and I just wanna let you know I’m not
the only eighty with this company in any way this is Justin honest unbiased or call
me al review in OB pretty much about oral review its
not gonna be like the reviews you hear from all these other marketers
they don’t even tell you anything about the company if they tout their products in what not
the in this review your get some real
information and are coming hours a home-based party
business source if you wanted to start a home-based business and that included jewelry and stuff like
that this would be perfect for you the offer pretty good in sort me %uh signature jewelry and collections the
company was founded in 2010 by 14-year-old girl she was saving up for a
car so she wanted to custom customizing jewelry that she got I’ll the she she got pieces just little trinkets and just come
together and eventually made a Business Saturday all or call me al signature orange signature jewelry collections are sold
exclusively through the end independent designers
either through their their business web sites or they could
hold home parties and events your customers can create
customized locketts by choosing their own Dane Coles hand stamped metal plate charms and
chain most ok or gone the algal results for
less than twenty-five dollars or go meow offers a few different options to star as
independent designers they have a business basics package for 199 dollars and that
includes some basic business supplies for locketts 36 charms some jewelry
supplies and your first month payment for your
personal lines business website there are larger packages available and they usually run for about 3 99
$7.99 25-9 the or going out designers must be at
least 14 years the page an if you’re daughter is getting into
this business and she’s under 18 years of age chill
which she’s going to need a pretzel consent so
that or coming out independent designers earn 50 percent commission on charms and 30 percent commission on all other
jewelry and of course building a team of
designers will earn you a little more commissions nichols was just about every business
the larger your team the larger your income and you can also purchase
your own jewelry through the back of its at 30 to 50
percent off the retail price is listed to ensure your success in the or coming help business I want to
recommend that you find a way to generate traffic
in Wade’s the saying goes know the snow business
your or gummy help businesses that risky if you don’t have a way to drive traffic
to your cards well you’re in luck because I’m given
you my free report on how I personally generate 32-15 lead today every day using 10
simple strategies click the link below for free access
totally free I just need your email address so that I
could send send you over the free report and its
can include ten strategies that I personally use to
generate leads I wish you much success your or coming
out business and i wanna thank you for taking the
time to watch my origami owl review review so I have an awesome awesome day
my friends but by hmmm internet old hold Origami Owl Review

9 thoughts on “Origami Owl Review | Comp Plan

  1. Great review of Origami Owl!  I'm sure that your free report will help many of their distributors to generate the leads they need to grow their business.  Nice job leading with value!  Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Great review, John!  Never heard of this company, but pretty incredible that a 14-year-old started it!  Way to go!

  3. Interesting business opportunity. It takes a lot gumption to make it in direct style sales like that. I like that it is open to teenagers.

  4. John, thank you for that review. I learned something today.  I never heard of Origami Owl. I'm going to have to check that out.  Video well done.

  5. Great Origami Owl Review. Thanks John. Quality leads are the backbone for any network marketing business.

  6. Thorough review John, thanx for the information.  When I first came across this company I was pretty amazed as well by the fact the young teenage girl started the company, just to buy herself a car and it turned into a great business venture.

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