Origami Number 1

Origami Number 1

Fold in half and unfold Divide each part in half Divide each part in half Fold in half and unfold Divide each part in half Divide each part in half Fold the bottom to the indicated line and unfold Valley-fold the top segment Pleat
(start with a valley fold) Pull out a layer Fold the bottom to the left
Use the existing crease as a reference point Reverse-fold Open a little and fold on the indicated creases Remake the pleats Number 1 finished!

99 thoughts on “Origami Number 1

  1. oh soy uno de los primeros likes, algun dia me gustaria hacer origami como tu jonakashima saludos desde venezuela…

  2. Jo, you are going to complete all the numbers and alphabets ,only 4 numbers are remaining and they are ' 4,5,7 and 0 '

  3. OK everyone he has done the entire alphabet so stop asking just look on his channel and he has done numbers so stop asking geeze

  4. Jo, I LOVE how you put diagrams on your vids. It's really helpful when you don't know how to do what the vid is (or visa versa)

  5. It is my birthday in the weekend and i am going to make nubret 1 and 3 because i am going to be a teenager

  6. I do not speak English, this I did with the translator …
    But I would love you to do the missing numbers, ie from 1 to 9

  7. You are number 1 in origami tutorials! he he great model, I think I will try to fold my birth year just for fun! ^_^ arigato #origami   #numbers   #numberone

  8. I tried to make the squares small and even but they turned out very not straight so I gave up and made something else out of the origami paper.:-(

  9. thank you so much! I manage to make 2016 ^^ it was a little bit difficult in my first try.. but if you already know the basic steps, It's quite easy to do !

  10. Что за пздц? На канале МИЛЛИОННИКЕ, ОБ ОРИГАМИ, видео об оригами набирает СТО ТЫСЯЧ ПРОСМОТРОВ ЗА ПОЛГОДА.

  11. I ended up crumpling my paper and throwing at the garbage, oh well! I'll try it again once I'm chilled out

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