Origami Network – Demonstration of our working product – Origami Marketplace – Operator Backoffice

Origami Network – Demonstration of our working product – Origami Marketplace – Operator Backoffice

Welcome in this video presentation of Origami Network We will present to you the backoffice that our clients use every day to manage their online marketplaces In this menu you can modify the languages and areas of your marketplace as Origami is “multi-languages” We can also modify the language of the interface of our backoffice. Let’s switch to English for the rest of the video Here you can see the internal notification system. This notification system is completely editable by the operators Operators can activate or deactivate notifications as they wish. They can activate notifications inside the backoffice or email notifications for example Let’s get back to the dashboard Be aware that everything is editable in this dashboard. KPI can vary Now let’s see the orders management Here is the list of the orders pass on the marketplace Here are the details of an order. You can see all the informations needed to process the order We can modify the order status We can refund an order We can refund an order with multiple ways Let’s see the catalog management. In this example we are using a “product marketplace”. Origami can also manage services. We can add a new product or edit one You can see all the informations needed to add or edit a product. This is the “manual” way of doing this. Origami can also connect to API or import CSV files to manage the products/services Categories management We can see here the first version of our review management system. This system is a strong part of Origami Network through the decentralized trusted reviews: Origami Review An operator can also manage the attributes and features and categories of its catalog of products or services Now let’s see the shipping management An operator can manage everything around the shipping management Shipping types Shipping zones Shipping offers Here are the details of a shipping offer We can modify the shipping locations and costs Let’s add a range for example Now let’s see the sellers management Here is the list of the sellers on this marketplace Let’s check the details of one seller Checking the legal status of the seller VAT management Payments management Invoicing management Trusted reviews management of one specific seller Subscriptions management Monthly subscription for example An operator can deactivate a seller Here is our after-sales service management. Directly inside Origami. No need to use a third party. Let’s see the details of a specific ticket This one You have three different threads of conversation Between the operator, seller and customer Between the operator and the seller Between the operators Operators can also manage the fees they will take from the sellers in this section They will define rules and then apply them through profiles. For example this profile will take 15% commission on Total order plus 0.2€ of flat fees. This is the subscriptions management. Where an operator can add a paying subscription for the marketplace sellers Let’s check some configurations available Here is the legal terms and conditions management Here is the user management. As on each backoffice you can have multiple users with different roles. You can add or edit the roles available You can demand different legal documents to the sellers and configure them (KYC) You can also ask different informations to your sellers. Not only documents. You can also automatise the invoicing process of your sellers. Automatisation is one of the main key in the success of your marketplace You can add or edit the languages available on your marketplace Configure the taxes (VAT for example) Configure the emails that will be sent by the marketplace The templates You can also configure different events and how they will be triggered. You can connect different softwares to endpoints from the Origami API (For example SMS notifications, Slack notifications and so on) there are no limits to the personalisation of your marketplace Thank you for watching and join us to https://ori.network

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  1. glad to see you have a product.  it looks good.  Origami Network reminds me of Dadi and Bluzelle but seems more focused on website ecommerce/retail, where as the others seems to be broadly targeting general website creation of any sort.  You might do well with this focused tactic.  I know i have considered many times in the past of creating an online retail store but never liked how complex it was to get it set up.  Simplicity and yet being robust with options for customization are a good thing.
    I'd like to see a video on how Origami tokens come into use.. What is their utility and incentive to have?

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