Origami Neko Bookmark (Jo Nakashima) [multi-language]

Origami Neko Bookmark (Jo Nakashima) [multi-language]

10cm x 10cm Crease horizontally and vertically Crease along the diagonal Crease only half of the other diagonal Bring the corners to the center Fold the edges to the center Fold at 45º Bring the top corner down Valley-fold Valley-fold Fold the left side while squash-folding the top, then fold it back to the left Repeat on the right side Wrap around a layer from behind, changing the color Repeat on the right side Crease at angle bisector Open and collapse using the existing creases to make the ear Model will not lie flat
Squash-fold behind to flatten it Repeat on the left side Fold the corner up and down Valley-fold the corners to the vertical crease Valley-fold
(there are no reference points) Unfold and open-sink
using the crease you just made Repeat on the right side Grab the flap behind the head and tuck it into the little pocket Repeat on the left side Swivel-fold to make the little foreleg Repeat on the right side Fold the bottom corner behind Make a pleat Make an inside crimp fold It is possible to narrow the tail with open sinks, but let’s keep it simple Neko Bookmark finished!

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  1. look for "Origami Neko Bookmark (Tutorial)" by CheungNgaiChun and at 5:36 you will understand better how to make the ears.

  2. 3:40 was the hardest part to understand because i had a 1 color paper, but i got it..
    it was hard.. it has small details like the ears or the tail. it's quite cute ^-^

  3. Hey Slendy, leave. Goodbye. You do not deserve the privilege of watching Mr.Nakashimas' videos if you are going to talk like that. I'm thirteen and I understand this, and if you don't, start with something simpler. Oh, and there are kids here that don't need to be seeing comments like yours, so next time choose your word more carefully.

  4. I am stunned with the design of this origami cat! This is such a beautiful neko, I really love the paper you used! #origami   #neko   #bookmark  

  5. no entiendo algunos pliegues, como el que realiza desde 03´40´´ hasta 03´47´´, una pena que no se explique verbalmente…

  6. @Jo Nakashima I totally lost it after 3:35 where you wrap around the layer from behind. In the end I torn my paper because my hands were all shaking lol It seems to be too difficult for my level! #origamianimals  are great but I seem to be stuck on the very basics. #foldingpaper   #paperart  

  7. I'm sorry +Jo Nakashima, but like many people stated, what you do at 03:30 is pretty difficult to understand a slow motion or something would be appreciated. Cheers!

  8. please if you could re-do this model "cat bookmark".. it really gets hard after 3:40
    and its not very clear too.. it looks simple yet so hard..

  9. El mas lindo arte manifestado a través del origami. Qué lindo es el que compartan toda esa creatividad. Gracias

  10. Spent 50 minutes doing this and i gave up… its so damn hard i kept repeating the video like so many times and got frustrated

  11. Spent 50 minutes doing this and i gave up… its so damn hard i kept repeating the video like so many times and got frustrated

  12. I did it! 3:40 and 5:30 were difficult steps, I had to watch it many times, I think that the difficulty level must be Intermediate.

  13. Não consegui fazer, em 3 partes é muito complicado, o video desfoca, em uma parte, não consigo fazer as laterais, qdo eu acho que fiz o que vc fez não fiz pq o meu virou triangulo e o seu estava em angulos diferentes.Explica pq tá muito ruim.

  14. WHOA. Tried the fold at @3.30 at least eight times before getting it. Look at it several time, and look at the drawing in the corner : the main goal is to obtain that shape, so open the thing up (if you keep the paper crisp, you can refold as many times as you fail and eventually you'll have very well folded lines…) and get that top in the middle along the diagonal line. Once you're there, the paper resists a bit, but if you push things around, it will work on its own. Good luck!

  15. très joli mais je n'ai pas su le réaliser dans le même temps que vous !!!! Dur dur les oreilles et les finition !!! Mais c'est reposant comme activité . Merci pour cette vidéo explicative

  16. sorry but it takes forever to understand some steps with you rotating the paper all over in your hands

  17. Too hard please give more explication or slow motion and with a small piece of paper it is impossible too make a good result
    After 20 min of work i need to give up that make me angry 😢😠

  18. i´m freaking out¡¡¡ this damn thing it´s like a hard to do,yeah i´ts realy hard and that´s no so especified at 3:30 i´ts like one second before i understood everything and after this am like ohhh… damn what does he did.

  19. Wow 😮 c'est super mignon mais… un peu dure pour mon faible niveau 😂 Sinon c'est vraiment TROOOP mignon 😍

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