Origami Money Dog (Jo Nakashima)

Origami Money Dog (Jo Nakashima)

Fold in half and unfold Fold and unfold the corners Mountain-fold Form a waterbomb base Fold the left edge to the center Unfold Fold the right edge to the center Unfold Turn over Fold down while folding the sides to the
center Squash-fold on the top Valley-fold to the center Fold the point to the middle Fold at angle bisector Unfold Crimp-fold using the creases you just
made Swivel-fold Fold to the left Fold down the point Fold it back to the right Repeat on the left side Fold the point to the middle Fold at angle bisector Unfold Crimp-fold using the creases you just
made Swivel-fold Fold to the right Fold down the point Fold it back to the left Fold the top edge down Squash-fold at the sides Fold this edge inside Fold the points down Fold the sides behind Shape the ears Squash-fold behind Fold the point up Fold the point down twice to make the
nose Fold and unfold the corners Fold and unfold Mountain-fold where indicated Form a waterbomb base Valley-fold the left and right sides Turn over Pull the paper as far as it goes Fold the corners inside Fold the white triangle to the side Tuck it under the colored layer Open the top layers Hide the triangle under these layers Turn over Mountain-fold This will be the mouth Valley-fold Reverse-fold the corners Mountain-fold Money dog finished!

100 thoughts on “Origami Money Dog (Jo Nakashima)

  1. what kind of paper do you use that is on your fiery dragon which site could i get it on becase i just love the color and it's many sizes please tell me thank you. 🙂

  2. Love your videos man, but a small suggestion. If you're going to choose not to talk during them, I suggest playing some sort of music in the background. I just think that would really plus your videos is all.

  3. Thanks for the great instructions! Super cute. Turned out great. Probably the most difficult origami I've tried. I would love to see a Won Park style butterfly…

  4. hola soy un admirador tuyo pero utilizo su correo de mi mama quisiera preguntarte si podias hacer una figura que represente el dia de muertos (bueno asi se dice en mexico) seria genial si me contestaras a travez del traductor google.

  5. very hard to follow compared to others. Mine turned out awful but yours looks great. love the coin in the mouth! very neat!

  6. how do u get your folds and creases to be so perfect??? ive been doing origami for a year as a hobby and i can barely make something with perfect creases/folds.

  7. yea those little pictures in the corner SUCK!!! those things dont help you for shit..and maybe you can talk instead of just point with your damn finger. it would make it so much easier. or maybe you cant speak english

  8. put on the captions it makes life easier xD guys stop hating this dude for not talking maybe he doesn't like his voice or something so just chill guys. No hate

  9. It makes no sense to me I tried and I am REALLY GOOD at origami u just make it so hard I'm not hatein I'm just sayin

  10. Best quality video (lighting/graphics/focus) I've seen for money origami — and the folds are done so precisely. The subtitles and drawings are very helpful and well done. It may seem strange but I also love how clean your hands are and evenly trimmed your nails are…some other videos feature ragged nails, dry skin, or gloves…that hide or detract from the folding.

  11. hey jo love your work …keep it real… Kevin's  a beginner …don't mind him, and for all those that don't know PRACTICE..PRACTICE..PRACTICE

  12. This video probably 5 yrs old, but do you need clean beautiful hands to make perfect creases? No bullshit, talkn bout real talk.

  13. Spent way too much time at 2:43 trying to figure out what you were doing. Your hands block much of it. The rest happens out of sight of the camera. We don't have xray vision! The text instructions are of zero help. Nothing but fold names with no description of how to do the folds. Am going to search for an actual workable tutorial.

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