Origami Money Cat (Jo Nakashima)

Origami Money Cat (Jo Nakashima)

Fold in half and unfold Fold the corners to the crease you just made Fold the corner up Fold and unfold Fold like a waterbomb base Turn over Fold and unfold the right and left edges Fold downwards while mountain-folding on the previous creases Squash-fold on the top Turn over Fold the left corner to the center and unfold Fold the edge to the crease you just made and unfold Crimp-fold Repeat on the right side Reverse fold to shape the head Fold the tip up and down Turn over Valley-fold Swivel-fold Tuck it below the other layer Repeat on the right side Turn over Fold the bottom up to the nose Valley-fold the corners Tuck this layer below the chin Valley-fold the corners Fold the tip behind Money Cat finished!

100 thoughts on “Origami Money Cat (Jo Nakashima)

  1. Dude, epic videos, keep making them. 🙂 Also, could you make a tutorial on how to make a dollar origami sword? Kthxbai.

  2. But thx u for the help I made my first three origami's!!!!!!! A fox, hardest of all… Swan! And I'm only a kid! The LST one is money cat…:-D 😀

  3. I ALWAYS have trouble with steps like 3:05 especially when my real cat jumps in front of the screen

  4. Its so cute! I put a 2 dollared Canada coin instead but it might not work since you wrote, "* requires 500.000 money cats with 1 dollar coin each" heh and i don't have time to make 500.000 money cats XD

  5. I really like this design and idea behind it. When I make mine, I will decorate the face with eyes and whiskers, and possibly a nose. I'm sure the outcome would be super kawaii! Thanks for the money neko cat, nyaa!

  6. I got thid origami cat dollar for MY birthday! it was amazing. Then I was being a fool and unfolded. I found this vid so I can redo it


  8. The thing about his origami is that you must keep trying and if you don't this means you do not want the trophy that comes to end- you're finished origami

  9. good video, thank you. one complaint? is that using a dollar-copy that's white on the back is a bit confusing … dollars also fold a bit differently, why not use a real dollar for the video? but it's a good clear video and I really appreciate it … I'm using it to make a gift

  10. If you had trouble with any of the steps, here is a quick tip: click on the 'gear' icon and set playback speed to 0.25. This way the video slows down and you will be able to make out all the details of some really complex folds better.

    Tip B: to make ear folding easier, fold on either sides, to the front and back, and not just to the front. This way you create additional creases to aid inward folding.

    Thank you for the tutorial, Jo.

  11. So hard I started to cry because of frustration! And he's cheating it's waayyyyy harder to do with REAL money!!!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  12. to those saying it is impossible to create with a us dollar, it is not. sure, mine came out a little lopsided and can't stand up, but it still looks adorable and can hold a silver/gold dollar.
    keep practicing, persistence is key with origami. i love the video!!!

  13. I am really upset! I don't get how to do it! And its making me have an enxiaty attack! I know its not your fault but when I get upset then I am upset with every one! But its really not your fault so I'll change the thumbs down that I just did, to a thumbs up! Your awesome and I'm not upset at you its just that I had to let out my frustration somehow! But really thanks for the video! And I'm sorry for being upset with you!

  14. hay Mr. Jo Nakashima how do I get a commercial license from the author to make this video tutorial in my youtobe video content?

    I want to make this video tutorial to tell people that there is so much that we can make with origami paper. thank you, Mr. Jo Nakashima

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