Origami Money Bunny (Jo Nakashima)

Origami Money Bunny (Jo Nakashima)

Fold in half and make only small creases Fold the top and bottom edges to the center Unfold Fold the bottom edge to the crease Unfold Repeat on the top Fold the top and bottom edges Unfold Fold the top corner. Make only a small crease near the edge Valley-fold Divide the square in half Divide each segment in half Divide three segments in half Fold diagonally where indicated Fold the edge to the indicated line Repeat on the other side Mountain-fold Use the existing creases to collapse Collapse the bottom similarly Reposition the points Turn over Fold like a waterbomb base while opening the layers from the sides Flatten it Fold and unfold the point Open sink Fold the left and right sides Fold the bottom to the top of the head Unfold Turn over Valley-fold Valley-fold Turn over Valley-fold through the creases intersection Fold like a waterbomb base Mountain-fold the left and right sides Pull the paper as far as it goes Turn over Fold the corners Unfold Fold the bottom edge Reverse-fold Valley-fold Shape the head Shape the neck Money Bunny finished!

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  2. Jo nakashima can you please visit www.axmpaperspacescalemodels.com and make a tutorial video on any space shuttle paper model; the external tank (known as ET); or the solid rocket boosters (known as srb's).

  3. Hola!! principalmente español pero bueeeeeno lo intentare.
    Thanks! I love the rabbit but i have a question for you, what kind of paper will be better to use doing origami? I tried whit different kind papers but i didn't found one that be easy to use but strong at the same time. Yoy have anyone that you recomend me? The tissue foil paper i don't know where i can get it :c

  4. je bent echt goed maar soms is het echt onduidelijk wat je doet dus je moet het beter uitlegen

  5. lol I started by making two, then I got addicted. You could say, they "bred like rabbits" hahahahahahahaha XD (worst pun in le world) I know, im sorry (-.-)

  6. from 7 mins it get like wayyy to tricky for someone who doesnt do it… but thats the fun in brain training. probably take over an hour to make it by the looks of my skills. LET DO IT

  7. Good for mailing inside an Easter card, since it can lie pretty flat. The ingenious instructions are well presented, but the sparkly brown paper in the demo is a little larger than a dollar bill. Using a real dollar was harder. Mine did turn out nearly perfect, but the the end result was smaller than expected, and my rabbit was not able to stand by itself when finished. I thought the folding would never end…for a masochist this would be fun.

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