Origami Modular Tricorne | Manualidades – DIY

Origami Modular Tricorne | Manualidades – DIY

Hello, this figure need to make three sheets of letter size paper, color you prefer, let’s start Figure need to do three paintings paper follow steps to make video and make the figure of paper after obtaining the three pictures, you must make following bends in each to make our paper figure and we perform the four basic folds now we do two other very important folds take heed this corner and this corner and took him to the center takes the tip of here and you take up half once there we mark the fold, but not end to end but only a part and watching here you should mark it well, approach for you to see better and you repeat it in the other corner, these are very important since these facilitate the union of all parts our figure Now you just have to make the folds that time this part of the video so that you do in your three leaves you should do the same to do with your leaves and end of the video, as these Figure help assemble Remember, you must make in the three leaves so you can assemble Figure now let’s assemble Figure It takes two of the three pieces and attach them as we show in the video locate them in this way keep in mind the folds you’re watching will you join these two parts in an interleaved this tip here overlies and the other end it is below looks like join We put it under and you see one below and the other is the reverse that is going to be on top in short, one below the other above, they must be interleaved as you’re watching after that we will join the third piece of figure after joining the first two we will join the third piece you must do the same unions as two first ie all points or interleaved unions and time They should be interleaved three unions, but can be complex If you see the video, you’ll see how to do to do with your figures when finally some parts It should look like as seen in the video, interleaved on both sides of the figure keep this in mind to join them It’s a little bit complicated but when you succeed You can join the figure, you need to be patient to unite all figures beware the center because this part can facilitate bonding parts of but if you placed each fold and you patience and careful You’ll be able to put the pieces together without any problems finally, we have the figure, it can be a bit complicated, especially the last part to unite all but with great care and patience you can get this figure be careful and you will do here is another smaller figure than we did before I hope you enjoyed the video and help me Subscribing, give me love and sharing many successes we will develop your figure in another video, many successes and see you soon

33 thoughts on “Origami Modular Tricorne | Manualidades – DIY

  1. Hola, me ha encantado todos tus videos… me suscribo!! .Ami también me gusta hacer origami, pero de donde consigues esas hojas con 2 colores diferentes , soy de Perú.

  2. Hola @JuanTu3 con respeto y dirigido a apoyarte con tu canal. Debes expresar mejor y con detlle las instruciones. Le ahorraras tiempo y confusiones a tus seguidores. Es solo un pequeño feedback para tus próximos videos.

  3. holaaa es muuuy bonita esta figura 😍 solo que, me gustaría que explicaras un poquito mas lento 😅 es que… soy principiante en esto jajaja ❤ gracias:')

  4. Hola me ha encantado el video pero lo que no me gustó es de que lo pasos para hacerlo van muy rapido

  5. hola que tal..muy agradable su figura geométrica d origami….yo llevo mas de 20 años hacendo oigamis, hoy en dia hago origamis muy complicados soy de peru lima…pero ese origami simple es muyy bueno….me ayudaste bastante….gracias…

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