Origami Modular Sonobe Large Cube

Origami Modular Sonobe Large Cube

Hello and welcome to our Sonobe Large Cube Video So this cube uses twelve (12) Sonobe
units If you don’t know how to make Sonobe units, check out our video on how to do that So the first step is to make a valley fold down the center like
we’re showing here Crease that well Now we’re going to use four different colors three units of each color So let’s start with one unit of each color and we’re going to assemble these to form one
base of the cube So if you look at the back side of these
units we have these pockets, that we can insert the tips of another unit into,
so first we’ll place two units like this insert one tip into a pocket just like that. Now grab the third color and this needs to fit roughly there, so
it’s going to go into the pocket of the blue piece Now you can see there’s a square forming
here we just need to add the fourth color that needs to go into the yellow pocket We’re not done yet though, we need to close this face up and so we need to take the
first piece, the tip of the first piece, and insert it into the fourth so this peach color goes into the orange and just make sure it’s nice and tight Alright, so that’s the first face of the
cube We’re gonna make a second one that is very
similar to this one except that we’re going to swap to two of the colors, in this case, the yellow and the peach and we’re actually going to rotate the right piece 90 degrees before we bring the two pieces together,
and the reason we do that is so that you never get a color adjacent to itself each color has a different color next to
it. Of course you can do whatever you like
here, but we’re just doing this to keep the colors separate as possible. We could even use all the same colors. In this case we have yellow and blue on one side see that we have yellow right there, and on the
opposite side we have peach and orange but we want the yellow the yellow piece right there so we’re gonna grab our yellow and it’s a little awkward to handle right now but will get
easier in a minute. So we’re gonna stick the yellow piece in just like that now we need to bring the blue piece in and do the same thing on the opposite side, just like this So now we have the yellow and blue in place, we need to close this face up, so we’ll do that by inserting these tips that were inside the
piece, into these pockets OK so this face is nice and tight, closed up and you can see we have those four colors which are the blue and yellow opposite the colors on
the other side of her face we obviously need the peach and the orange, so we’re going to put the peach here so we grab the peach piece slide that in Now we’re going to put the orange right there, in the blue pocket Now close up the face with the other two flaps just like this and one more So now we have two more face that need to be closed up and we’ll use the same method of sticking the flaps in the pockets So start on either of the two faces You may have to open up the cube slightly as we start to get close to the end here try not to tear anything so by now you’re starting to get the hang of
this, should be pretty easy Close up the last face We’ll show this sped-up Okay so now that everything is in, just go around the cube make sure everything is nice and tight and tucked in Alright and there you have it your completed Sonobe Large Cube Enjoy!

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  1. I made this and it was very fragile! It kept on coming apart! I managed and my final piece looked amazing! Thanks for the video!

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