Origami Modular Sonobe Cube

Origami Modular Sonobe Cube

Hello and welcome to our Modular Origami Sonobe Cube instructions So the Sonobe Cube uses six Sonobe units If you don’t know what those are, check out our video on how to make them So start with a Sonobe Unit and fold it like we’re showing here to valley folds to make it look like a
square crease that well and then unfold it now you’ll need to make a total of six
of these and we’re going to use three different
colors so two of each color Start with two of the units and hold them perpendicular to each other Then you take the tip of one unit and insert it into the pocket of the other just like we’re showing here Now take the second unit of the horizontal
color, in this case green and we’re going to stick the green into the yellow on the other side like we’re showing so now you kind of have a cross We’re going to turn that over and we’re going to add the other yellow on
the top side So the first yellow goes from upper right to lower left, and the second yellow will go at the opposite angle to that So stick the green tips into the
yellow pockets, just like this okay so now we have four flaps sticking out, and now we’re gonna seal those with the other two colors or rather the other color. the other two pieces.
Get the orange piece and insert the flaps into the pockets like we’re
showing here Now of course you’re going to do the
same thing on the back side with the final piece Again this orange piece is at the opposite angle so to speak to the first (orange) piece Now you stick the yellow tips into
the pockets Alright, now we got four flaps that still need to be stuck in. Obviously the orange will go into the green just like we’ve been doing all along Take your time while doing this, make sure you don’t tear the paper Now the final flap Just go around and make sure that all the flaps are tucked in tightly And there you have it your Sonobe Cube. Enjoy!

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  1. I used sticky notes and it turned out pretty well. It is stable and seems like it won't break. Great tutorial

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