Origami Models : Origami Flower Pot

Origami Models : Origami Flower Pot

In this clip I will show you how to fold a
flower pot. This is a design by Florence Temko. It can be found in the book Origami New Ideas
for Paper Folding by Gay Merrill Gross. This flower pot begins with an umbrella base. Now
with the umbrella base, in this step what we are going to do is take each of these triangles
and fold it inside the unit like this, so that’s one section, turn it to the other side
and fold that triangle inside. That’s two sections, now open it to the other two sections,
balance the unit four sections on each side, and fold the triangles inside the unit. Same
thing on the other side, fold that triangle inside the unit. Now that we have folded the
triangles inside we are going to fold each point up to the center like this, so that
the bottom edge aligns with the center edge. Fold each point up for all sections so this
is one section, second section on the other side. Now for each of these points we are going
to inside reverse fold it into the unit. So lift up this top layer and inside reverse
fold the point that we just made. Inside reverse fold that, and inside reverse fold this. O.K.
Turn it to the other side, do the same thing with the points that we’ve made previously,
inside reverse fold along the creases that we have made, inside reverse fold.

11 thoughts on “Origami Models : Origami Flower Pot

  1. wow people, the instructions for the base are in another video of hers. use your brain and look for it.

  2. whats the use of posting a video when people cant see the folds and actions!
    you should have appointed a good videographer? but no use of commenting on people's mistakes, they wont change and try to solve them ! SO I ADVICE YOU ALL THAT, WHENEVER YOU ARE POSTING A NEGATIVE COMMENT LIKE ME,

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